Recommend dried porcini mushroom source?

I posted a query about this some time ago, and am thinking that there were no replies. But, again, I’m looking to order another half-pound or pound of porcini. I’ve ordered several times from Olive Nation before, and that was mostly fine. On looking to their site, I noticed that they distinguish between regular and “organic” varieties, which seemed odd, in that porcini only grow in the wild. But anyway…

Recommend any vendors? Thanks.

I’ve found whole and powdered dry porcini mushrooms on Amazon, but that was a few years ago. I also see them sometimes in Asian markets and if.memory serves, Trader Joe’s has or had them.

We buy mushrooms, vanilla beans and saffron from these folks.

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I can easily get dried mushrooms from my supermarket (in the UK) but, otherwise, I would have thought Amazon could be the way to go. I’ve recently bought a couple of relatively uncommon ingredients through them and was surprised how many sellers there were.

Our better supermarkets here always have, but in small packaging dramatically more expensive than 8-oz bags, and less precise as to quality grading and sizing.

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I usually order them from JR Mushrooms and Specialties on Amazon, but that is apparently just the Amazon storefront name for Olive Nation. I have been happy with them overall and I like that they offer different grades - if you know you don’t need large pieces, you can save a good chunk of change by ordering the AB grade rather than AA. In my experience the flavor is the same.

My wife reminded me that Costco has sold dried porcini in the produce section but I don’t know if that’s a regular thing.

I have always had good experiences with Urbani


+1 Urbani

Costco is one of the better prices when they have them (can be ordered online)

Some of the ny specialty markets might ship.
ETA : most of them do, but kalustyans appears to be the cheapest for AA:


And in that spooky internet way, less than 24 hours after Googling for sources, I got an Email from Olive Nation offering a thirty-percent discount on an order I’d started but deferred.

Work the system people, even if it’s working back!