Re-Arranging the Categories

Is there some way to move the “Regions” to the bottom of the main page? I (and probably many others) are interested in new discussions in the other categories, but for “Regions” they’re mostly of interest only to those who live in those regions.

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I’m the flip side here–I really only read “Regions” and think of it as the foundation and heart of Hungry Onion (though perhaps I only think of it that way because I use it the most!).

It’s probably difficult to decide what to list first, but for me the restaurant reviews are the key content and the reason HO was founded, even if some of the reviews are in places I only dream of going.


There is no easy answer for this issue. I am very well aware of the issue of thread preview on the front page for the region displays threads from other regions and thought about it quite a bit prior to this thread.

Here’s the thought process about the current placement of the regional section:
We have 1 regional section, and 3 topical sections. It makes sense to group the topical sections together. So we can put the regional section, either above the topical sections at the top, or below the 3 topical sections near the bottom and above Site Talk. My concern at the time was that putting regional that far down is that it may impact its participation, while for those who don’t read regional, they can scroll slightly down past regional to topical.

Feedback welcome.

What may help, is that I put a regional icon bar at the top, organized by continent, so people can get to their region quickly. (I know I have the annoying tendency to rearrange the regions so the current way of finding regions take some eyeballing.).

Some additional way to get to the relevant content quicker:

Latest (excluding muted categories/ thread, i.e. same as the Latest button on front page):

Latest (only the watched categories/ thread):

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My biggest problem with listing “Regions” first is that so many of the thread titles there have no indication of what region they are in.

Mighty Quinn’s BBQ opens on 78th & 2nd
Weird question but where can I find Hellman’s in the city? (needed ASAP)

It’s understandable, because when one is posted on a regional board, one figures, “Well, I’m on the NJ board, so I don’t have to say ‘NJ’.”

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It makes no difference to me.

Re labels, it appears that a certain category of poster (can’t remember the label) can amend titles. I’ve done it a few times.

Yes, this is frustrating, especially since there’s a reminder to the OP, right in the composition window, to specify the location. I used to edit such threads but got tired of patching over other posters’ lack of consideration, and no longer read regional threads that don’t include location.

I don’t consider it a big deal to spend a few minutes adding the info.

I suppose I’m partly to blame–when I’m posting to the NJ board and it reminds me to specify the location, I’ve been assuming that means the town (e.g., Middletown), not the state.

That’s a common mistake. I look at those and wonder where :slight_smile:

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr