Raw Milk. Do you believe in Raw Milk?

Yeah, I don’t like milk either. Vile stuff.

But if it had a nice shot of Talisker 43, I might pinch my nose and have it for breakfast.

My cousin inlaw lives between the US and Mexico depending on the time of year. He frequently talks about some local Mexican dairies that serve raw milk mixed with some kind of hard alcohol. I assume Mezcal or Tequila, but I always forget to ask.

Don’t give Laverne any ideas …

We’re just expressing our opinion :joy:


Who told you not to express your personal opinions? I believe I said that people have difference taste. Be understanding. Also who is sensitive?


We just express our opinion that you don’t know what you are talking about

You absolutely can find milk disgusting. You can absolutely say so.

Its when you cross over to assuming that there’s something wrong with those who do enjoy milk that you step from opinion to disparage.

Don’t yuck someone else’s yum.

Don’t like it? OK. Don’t disparage those who do.


I find the other “conclusions” even more fascinating. That’s a lot to deduct about People Who Occasionally Drink Milk And Enjoy It :rofl:

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Perhaps expressing your opinion that in your opinion milk is disgusting gets your point across more clearly and with less hackles-raising, than also tossing in the gratuitous insinuation that anyone who drinks milk must still be an adolescent?

Just a guess.

Disclaimer: I don’t drink milk either. I use it a fair bit in cooking.

Edit - looks like I’m retreading what @Sunshine842 already said in general.


I am not sure this is even worth the effort of typing, but to me "I think milk is disgusting/vile stuff " comes across as an opinion, while " milk is disgusting/vile stuff " comes across as a fact that may not be a fact.

And I don’t drink milk.

Or whiskey.

And I do believe raw milk exists, and would try it in cheese or yogurt.

That should have been to @BKeats

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I think a lot has to do with the overall circumstance. The language was strong and said to the wrong crowd at the wrong time.

If this is a thread titled “Do you like Japanese ramen?”, then it makes a lot more sense to come in and say: I hate ramen – ramen is disgusting. Yet, this is more of a thread about “Do you like chicken broth or pork broth as the base for your ramen?” While everyone was discussing about if chicken broth is better or if pork both is better, then suddenly someone come in and say “Japanese Ramen is so disgusting and so stupid. I don’t understand why any one who is older than 10 years old would eat this…etc”

The opinion was too strong to be given to the wrong crowd.

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There was one reason I liked the post. It made mine less ass-hole-ish by comparison. I hope my comment does not scare people from consuming raw milk. I just caution people to be careful of your source. Keep it clean and cold. What made me sick was likely from mistreatment of the product. I do think the health benefits of it are overblown. I have fewer intestinal issues than most people I know, of those who talk about it anyway. My problem did not happen because I have an especially sensitive system. It happened because where bacteria exist, there is the good and the bad and they feed on each other and if not controlled properly one can get sick.

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I think it is perfectly fine. Everyone has their own experience, and I think bring your experience is a valuable piece of information. I used to love to eat a raw octopus Korean food. One time I got very sick after. I was in my bed for always a week and I could not consume foods for 4 foods. Anything I ate I would immediately throw up. After that, I have never gone back to eat that raw octopus dish.

Yes, there are times your body just says aw hell no

Yes, I believe that raw milk exists. And yes, I think you have to be a fool to drink it.

Who ever started this drinking cow’s milk thing anyway? Was it someone walking down the road and said, hey look at those cows…lets run over there and drink whatever comes out of those dangly things.


I’m not a milk drinker in general, but I have tried raw milk and IMO its flavor is far superior to that of pasteurized. I don’t believe it has any particular health benefits.

As long as the source is reliably clean I have no trouble consuming it, though I am more likely to make ricotta or ice cream out of it than drink it straight. It makes excellent ricotta, paneer, yogurt, etc. Raw cream is also a very special treat.

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I am sure milk drinking started before ‘road’

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You got me there.

Some comedian I used to hear on Sirius XM’s “Laugh America” channel had a skit on this. Something something rednecks etc.

Edit - This is kind of similar to what I was thinking of (and perhaps a bit more homoerotic), but I don’t think it’s the original - he’s too young. He may have drawn inspiration from the older guy or may have come up with it on his own.

“Slipped on some grass or something…”

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