Question about my guilty pleasure- *corn dogs*

Thanks, ipse, I’ll go look today.
And yes, at this point I’m a beggar that can’t be a chooser.
Just thought of something- anybody know if WalMart has them? There’s one with a huge grocery section close by.

I doubt it- never seen one anywhere in the state

Yes, WM carries State Fair brand corn dogs. Here in TX anyway. You can check your local WM online to see if they stock them. Also, if the 100% beef is available and what size package. I’m not sure if they sell the smaller size with 6 count.

Although it’s not a corndog, but have you tried the pancake wrapped sausage on a stick??
Jimmy Dean makes them… sadly there is some chicken in them, but it appears to be more pork than chicken.

Then I am begging you to make your own. You can do it in less time than it takes to go to the store. Regular milk works fine if you don’t have buttermilk, plus I like a little honey in mine.

Don’t want to deep fry (me neither), you can shallow fry with just a few ounces of oil in a cast iron skillet.

Don’t have sticks or skewers, or don’t wanna fry at all? Bake them in a muffin pan (here I would recommend a 1/4 lb dog like a Miller’s Colossal, Polish Sausage, or Captain - all are delish hot dogs).

You won’t be sorry you did this (c;

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I have… and quite like them with a little puddle of maple syrup. Even though it has chicken in it, I think the sausage is pretty good (for frozen).

I believe there is one in one of the malls in either Phoenix or Scottsdale.

But it looks like you’re in Tucson (?) or further south, and yeah, I don’t think Hot Dog on a Stick in down in those parts unfortunately.

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Yeah… I remember these in food courts of major shopping malls (only place I have ever seen them).

Aldi corn dogs are pretty good. A bit sweet but pretty good.


Amen, brother

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No Aldi here, to my sorrow

Never noticed these. Thanks.

Beer-battered frank, kimchi mayo, scallions, sweet chili sauce. Best Korn (sic) dog I’ve ever had. From Koagie Hots, a Korean truck, no longer in operation.

The owner now has the Burger Joint (2 locations) and has hot dogs on the menu, but not this. :unamused:


Mostly in the Western US so far. Corn dogs are just called hotdogs in Korea.

The french fry version looks great to me.

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Sorry this is sideways, but we have these Applegate ones-$10!


I looked it up, and they have them at both the Target and WalMart near me. Have you tried them? The reviews had roughly the same number of five-star as one-star reviews. If you’ve eaten them, how did you like them?

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No. $10 is too much for me, but the Applegate meats and hot dogs are pretty good.


I have not seen or had these, but Applegate uncured dogs are prob on my top five for dogs.

Can’t say I am a fan of the way the corn coating looks on the box though.


I bought some, but I don’t know when I’ll be trying them. I had COVID recently, and my sense of taste (and smell) isn’t back 100% yet. Those are pricey for frozen corn dogs, so I want to wait until I can give them a proper taste test. Unless they’re great I doubt I’ll be buying them again.


I had one of the Applegate corn dogs. They’re not very good.