Prime rib, Creamed spinach, Yorkshire pudding, Baked Alaska.

Birthday party coming up in a couple weeks . The party of around ten involves cooking and drinking , with making the dishes listed above .
Prime rib will be cooked in the oven . Any tips are much appreciated . Creamed spinach ; what’s your recipe ? YORKSHIRE PUDDING . Really have no idea on this one . All the help we can get on the pudding . Baked Alaska . Looks like this one is covered . Baked Alaska it’s always been a dream .

  1. Need appetizers !!!
  2. Cocktails served :smile: Martinis , Manhattans . Other ? THANKS

Super-hot oven and more oil than you think you might need in the Yorkshire pudding cups. Preheat a muffin tin with the oil in it, pour in the mix, then pop it back in the oven quickly. Make the mix an hour ahead and let it sit.

Sounds like a typical Sunday Roast dinner. Serve sherry as well.

Thanks . I like that . A typical Sunday Roast dinner . Exactly the theme . Looking forward to the Yorkshire pudding , baked Alaska ,cocktails ,beef, and spinach .

My mouth watered just reading your subject line.

I have no doubt that your experience surpasses mine and your dinner will be a hit no matter what, but can I pretend to help so I can live vicariously? :blush:

I love a crushed black pepper crust on the roast. Crushed cloves of garlic, crushed peppercorns, (green,pink,black) dried thyme, a bit of salt, oil. Make a paste and slather on the roast.

I think this is a good recipe for your spinach:

I see you are doing old school on the cocktails. Maybe shake it up a bit and have an oldie like a Brandy Alexander?

Perhaps too sweet since you are having baked Alaska…But I did say I wanted to live vicariously…and that’s what I would want :grin:

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I’m assuming you are making the Yorkshire Pudding in the pan, and not popovers in cups. What I do:

The batter (my roasting pan is large) is 1 ½ c Milk, 1 ½ c Water, 3 c Eggs (about 15), 3 c Flour, 3 tsp Mustard Powder, S+P. Whisk fluids and eggs, then whisk in flour and mustard powder. Let rest while the roast is cooking. Then, while the beef is resting, the oven temperature should be 450 degrees. Dump out some of the fat – I think I leave about half of it – and pour in your batter. Cook it for 20-30 minutes (usually 30, in my oven.)

Enjoy your dinner!

are you having finger food with pre-dinner drinks? angels or devils on horseback; cheese straws; spiced nuts. i’d also offer some bubbles in case somebody doesn’t want hard liquor, as well as some nice sparkling water.

appetizers: mini crabakes or consomme

have fun and happy birthday!

What’s the difference if you make them in popover cups ? I have never made or have eaten Yorkshire pudding . I would like to make them in the popover cups if they are better that way . Even if it’s for looks .

My Birthday is in July . This is for a good friend . :smile: Thanks for the happy birthday anyway .

I prefer them in the pan with the beef drippings. YMMV :smile:


It took me a while to copycat Boston Market’s creamed spinach (back when it was Boston Chicken, and better than the few remaining stores are). Gently saute diced onion in butter until golden, add washed spinach, cover for a few minutes till it wilts. Stir in cream cheese (chive flavored to gild the lily) and grated Parmesan, with fresh-ground black pepper and a grating of nutmeg or a grind of allspice. A splash of hot sauce if you like. Remove from heat when it’s the desired thickness.

Traditionally it’s one large pudding. However the problem with this is that you don’t get reservoirs for the gravy that you with individual ones. Would second beef fat though, just make sure it’s very hot before you add the batter. Also IMO roast potatoes are a must for a Sunday roast.

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Best guide available IMO

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One thing I forgot to mention . I have never had baked Alaska . Apparently there is going to be some pyrotechnics involved . Some volcano presentation .

The presentation is impressive, but it’s a bore to eat.

That’s alright with me . I’m not a big dessert fan anyway .

Definitely mini-Yorkshires.

hotoynoodle taught me a valuable lesson a few years ago. Go light on the apps. They’re supposed to whet the appetite not kill it. I used to do way too much.

Sounds wonderful.

@Hal_ you do prime rib for a “typical Sunday” dinner?

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I don’t do prime rib or any red meat these days.
I wasn’t clear. I meant if you’re having a Sunday roast, it’s typically prime rib.

Wow, you run in a richer circle than I do :slight_smile: A couple of times a year is about it for my budget.

Yes, this is a very heavy meal as outlined.

Actually I now go light on ALL apps all the time. Unless that’s the meal :slight_smile: I used to get carried away.

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