Presidential Race-Themed Appetizers

I am having a Cocktail Night with some friends and I am planning on serving 2 cocktails that are candidate-themed, but I am having a hard time coming up with appetizers, especially ones that are Clinton-inspired. I have 2 kinds of mini-tacos (for Hispanic-loving people with tiny hands), maybe a cheese ball, but I can’t come up with anything for the other party. Help! Not looking for political debates here or candidate-bashing - this is a non-partisan cocktail party, lol. A “basket of deplorables” - maybe Cheetos? Help!!

This is a cute idea - let’s see how it goes on here though.

I’ll have to think about this (you know all of these will offend someone - so taking that into account) … hmmmm

Edit: You know your friends the best - so if this style of humor will play with them then I say go for it (I find humor in sarcasm, self-deprecation and irony … but not everyone does) but you could just go for a history of America theme and maybe be less confrontational for a mixed party.

Alright - something wrapped in phyllo dough like an envelope - a la the lost emails.

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ok, equal-opportunity candidate mocking appetizers, lol

The VP candidates are more interesting, to my mind. Pence has all of Indiana food history, and Kaine’s a good Catholic boy from KC and now Virginia.
Mini BPT’s vs. Brisket sliders and Virginia ham bisquits,
perhaps? :smiley:

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Trumpkin anything. Orange anything.

Pretzel Rodhams. Rodhams & Cheese quiche. Hillabub (syllabub). Hill of beans?
Hilly (dilly) beans. Hilly mignon. Hillefeuille (millefeuille pastry).


Think bitter and acerbic flavor profiles; preferably with lots of garnishes and very little nutritional value :confounded:


Oooh, just thought of more election-inspired appetizers: sweet 'n sour Dickileaks Weiners, a white cheese/white wine/white chicken meat hot dip (could call it the White Pantsuit Dip - ok…reaching a bit here, lol)…

miniature version of dried chipped beef in white gravy – aka sht on a shingle – the closest I can get to the sht sandwich we’re going to be fed in this election.

Shredded chicken nachos – aka eating crow – there’s a tie-in to bad hambres there somewhere

come to think of it, the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth…


If you can eat and think about the election at the same time, you’re a stronger person than I am. I’ve been on the planet a while, and I’ve yet to encounter a more effective appetite suppressant.


Apparently hillary clinton eats a raw jalapeno a day… which is totally a valid reason to make jalapeno poppers.


Couple of thoughts came to mind- Clinton from Arkansas- savory/spiced pecans, some sort of sweet potato mini biscuit with smoked ham

Trump/ New York- something with smoked salmon and mini bagels?

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Comey Island Weiners - aka Pigs in a Blanket.


Macadamia nut double fudge hash brownies for Gary Johnson !!!

These will help with the general feeling of nausea too.



Baloney Sandwiches for either party. Anything with shredded orange cheese on top for Trump. Maybe a nice Vino Verde as a nod to the Green Party, but only one glass and you just throw it away. Red Steak/Blue Steak Sliders - one with bleu cheese, one with ketchup?


Baloney Sandwiches (BS) from either party… you’ve got that right!


Great Wall of Fire Nachos for Donald Trump.

Something really burning. Cross form optional.

I suggest a mariachi band playing something totally annoying in the background.

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A bundt cake with a file in it for Hillary.

Liberally covered in fudge sauce.

In the background, Elvis singing Jailhouse Rock.

For Bill Clinton it would have to be breast and thigh of juvenile pullet followed by a good cuban cigar.

(I won’t even discuss stuffing recipes here.)

Background music, “You’re 16, you’re beautiful, and you’re mine.” by Ringo Star. (No, not Kenneth Star !)

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