Prepping for the Big Game


I’d love to know how this was determined, I mean, like what were the search terms. “superbowl party” or just plain “party” for starters. Cake is a stretch but I flatly refuse to believe that granola bars are a superbowl favorite in Mississippi.
Although also as with all other holiday recipe searches when somebody googles a recipe it’s because they don’t really know how to make it, i.e., it’s either not an old family favorite or the person doesn’t know how to cook, or both.

As for me I ate leftover Chinese New Year dumplings from yesterday and watched Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl.

(K. Laurence) #42

I also made the chicken wings from Serious Eats. We both loved them. Hubby asked if we can have wings next weekend after his paintball practice. Good thing I took advantage of the buy one get one offer at Lucky’s.


Me too! :open_mouth: Except for the paintball part.


I’ll have to give this method a go next time, if I am able to plan ahead.


Part of the spread at chez small h. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but that brownish oval is a cheese football. I’ve never attempted something like that before, but it was pretty easy, and people liked it.