Prepping for the Big Game

(Jimmy ) #1

I almost had a “drop down to my knees and proclaim: I’m not worthy moment” when reviewing this recipe.

Seems way beyond my patience level. But for others?


You could prepare the meat portion the day before. Just bring to room temp the day of and the rest would not be too time consuming!


Those look darn tasty. I bet most of the liquid is bound with the cream cheese et all. You might be able to make them ahead and bake the day of … I may have to try them.

(Miss_belle) #4

This recipe does sound good and I agree with others that the filling could be made ahead of time. Although I would leave relish out of the mix.

What I got a kick out of is the recipe starts out with preheat oven to 350* like most do. But in this case that oven will be heating a looong time before they’re ready to go in😊

Also, I watched Valerie B on FN the other day make some type of stuffed cheese bundles. She took large flakey biscuits and separated by layers. Used them to stuff. Looked interesting to me so that might be an alternative to canned pizza dough.


I thought this thread was gonna be about like, elk, or something.


I also thought this was going to be a thread on moose! LOL

Anybody have a great wings recipe? I try wings occasionally but can’t handle frying at my house since the vent is so crappy. Every attempt at baked wings is missing something. Never terrible but never amazing either.

(Jimmy ) #7

Probably should have titled it: Prepping for the Big Game. :grin:


@naf - maybe you could change the title of this thread to what @RedJim has above?


And holy moly - those are heart attack bombs, but they look soooooo good!


It’s missing a fryer :rofl::rofl::rofl: Seriously though, when I want to make a LOT of wings and I don’t want people to have to wait around for each small batch, I frequently roast (patted very dry and lightly oiled/salted) a large quantity at a high temp until cooked through, and then very briefly fry them in batches before serving. They are almost as good as fully-fried this way, and there is much less mess. If you use just a couple of inches of oil in a deepish pot (like a 6qt dutch oven) the sides will keep spattering to a minimum.


This isn’t the easiest solution . . . . but when I don’t want to fry them, I pressure cook the wings and then broil them to crisp the skin. They turn out really moist and the skin gets pretty crisp - I like them better than fried.


HAHAHA! I know the truth but was holding out hope on some secret wing process.

I like these tips and will try these on the next attempt.

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I had to laugh - I too thought this thread would be about Big Game hunting and what to do with the meat. Pleasantly surprised to find a harmless unassuming little thread about super bowl food.

Hopefully you’ll get a few more nibbles post wise with the title change😊


came across this today - superbowl food searches by state (I’m suspect as to the method, but enjoyable from a fun read point of view).

And what is up with my new state (MA) - gluten free pretzels as the top search? Come on MA, we can do better than that for the superbowl especially since the Pats are in it!


This is hilarious. California really knows how to party with Baked Chicken Breasts…

And who knew so many people wanted to eat cake while watching football?? Mississippi - what… granola bars?

I am bringing a big batch of guacamole to a party. It is easy and always a crowd pleaser.


I saw this on earlier this week and figured it was a click-bait article. The more people got incensed about “favorite Super Bowl foods” being cake, GF pretzels, salads, or paella (for Maine - SERIOUSLY? Paella for Maine?), the more ads would be served.

The majority of choices were nonsensical.


This is a trivial PSA :wink:
A “Butt” is an actual Medieval unit of measure. If you plan to drink a buttload of wine on Sunday, that would be 126 gallons … you’re welcome


My favorite unit of measure by far. Just like the sackbut (precursor to the trombone) is my favorite Renaissance instrument!


I’m not making any food tomorrow but if I was going to cook I’d probably pick something from one of Bar Bacon’s menus …

Picture from yelp… either this or the bacon cannolis


Seriouseats Really Good Oven-Fried Buffalo Wings Recipe…but you have to start the day before.