Prepping for the Big Game


Mixed with salt and baking powder, and drying in the refrigerator.

This is about one serving; right?


Thanks! I’ll try this next time!


You guys inspired me- I’m frying wings today! I got an induction burner for Christmas and haven’t tried it out yet, so I think I’ll break it out and see if it does a better job than my stove of keeping the oil temperature high. I also have a pork shoulder slowly getting happy in the oven. We’ll be swimming in leftovers for a week!

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How long do you pressure cook? IP or otherwise?


I cook them in the steamer basket, high pressure, for about 15 minutes. Then broil until crispy brown - sometimes sauced, sometimes not.

It’s fast and easy.

(Dan) #26

Home for todays game with my tribe. Already prepared meatballs two styles, party wings with garlic butter, sausage rolls, nachos and zucchini fries.

Enjoy all!

(saregama) #27

Welcome back, @Rooster! Game menu is on point!

(Dan) #28

Thanks, Saregama! I took work with the stipulation that family comes first😊. I have to go back in 4 days so I hope to catch up a bit on HO too.

I’m trying to go with nibbles that are fast and easy. My eyeballs are on the game😉


I’m making a decidedly non-footbally type of dinner tonight - pork belly, Israeli couscous and green beans. But nothing food-footbally sounded good to me, so it’ll have to do. Thankfully, my kitchen is easy enough to pop out of to watch the game as I prep dinner - OR I’ll cook it early before the game starts. LOL

P.S. My grand-step-nephew will be leading the Patriots with one of the flags - not sure if the American flag or the Patriots flag, but he works for the Pats organization, and was given the honor to be one of the people leading the team on the field. :heart:


The broadcast’s color commentators will be pressed to top this:

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Rice cakes? That one surprises me at any %. They make decent food fight fare though. Whip like a frisbee!

(Jimmy ) #32

“Yes, the potato chip is the most radioactive food, with about 400 Bq/gram (meaning four hundred K40 nucleii disintegrate every second in every gram of chips by emitting a beta-particle).”

I’m a dead man.

“20 quadrillion beta particles from the 11 million pounds of chips will blast our 108 million guts during the game. While I’ve made it sound like a lot, this is actually trivial compared to the background radiation each person gets every day from natural background radiation.”

Oh, I guess I’m not. Yet…


That explains why you always seemed to have an inner glow about you!


More fightin’ words:

(Dan) #35

Man, it all sounds good! A tad avocado heavy but otherwise you can’t go wrong…unless my team loses…:football:which aint happening!


In the roentgen department, beer is safer than carrot juice:

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Hi gracieeggg! Sorry to not post earlier; chicken wings are my all time favorite poultry. I have tried them many ways, but I have favorites that have emerged over the years (decades)! Soy ginger wings are my favorite & so easy to do. Get a large nonstick skillet or wok shaped pan. Preferable if lid has a vent but not imperative. Take about a half pkg frozen wings (2.5 lbs approx) and put into pan. Add about a third jug of Yoshida’s cooking sauce, That should come up about halfway to the wings.Add minced as well as nuggets of fresh ginger, minced and slivered fresh garlic and a teaspoon or so of toasted sesame oil. Cook on stovetop at a bubbly simmer until most of liquid is gone and wings are a deep mahogany in color. Garnish with white and black sesame seeds, along with sliced green tops of scallions. Good warm or room temperature. Minimal mess, just wipe out pan then wash.



Thank you!! I’ll need to try!


Well, the game was a colossal bore, but at least my wings were good! I had some that were frozen and thawed from Costco, and some Purdue brand that I bought fresh at the grocery store yesterday. The Purdues were MONSTER sized and took about 18 minutes in the fryer to cook - and honestly, I could have left them another couple of minutes to get them truly crispy. The Costco ones were smaller and came out perfectly crispy after 12-14 mins. We gorged on wings and didn’t even touch the pork shoulder. Leftovers, here we come!