Potato chip flavors all over the world


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I tried these one holiday season and they just tasted like allspice to me.

Light reading:


Got a couple of flavors of Torres chips at a local Spanish food store. One was sparkling wine, and strangely enough the chips do taste like champagne. It seemed odd to me at first but they’ve grown on me.


Over a hundred posts and no one has found Soylent Green crisps?

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(turkey & stuffing chips)

Disgusting, and I love actual turkey and stuffing.

Tried these once. Not bad. The only prominent Korean flavor was a slight, sweet gochujang heat.


And I must endorse their black truffle chips. Incredibly addictive.


I can never start eating those - I won’t stop

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(Kettle Korean BBQ flavor)

I’m not sure what gochujang is supposed to taste like, but to me, these chips have a fairly strong meaty flavor. They’re currently our favorite flavored chip.

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Oh wow, my tastebuds didn’t pickup the meat flavor. I need to try them again. What had the gochujang flavor to me was that sweet heat.

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