Potato chip flavors all over the world


Ha ha ha, I was just going to write this!





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^^ Yikes, it’d blow my head off.

A couple of flavours from Lidl back in December. The “prosecco and berries” one is rubbish! “Pulled pork” is much better.


Also from Lidl, available only during “Spanish themed” week. They probably just used oil from cooked chorizo to flavour the crisps. Tastes just like chorizo.


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Well, here is a new one from this part of the world.



Coming soon to a Seven-Eleven near you. If you happen to live in Taiwan, that is. . :wink:

Lays. Betcha can’t eat just one!!!

Pork Belly. Should be a hot seller for the Year of the Pig.

Pizza Al Forno. Pizzalicious!

Baked Potato flavored Potato Chips. Redundant?

BBQ Chicken Drumstick. What’s next, Peking Duck flavor? Wow, like crackling duck skin.

The daughter of a friend asked if we can bring some Flaming Hot Cheetos. So we brought over three bags for her. Exotic!!!

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I have to say that I like these box packages. I wonder if this is just because these are special flavors.

The pork belly is dong po rou (braised pork belly flavor) and I would love to taste that one! The potato is just their regular flavor. Not sure why it shows a steaming hot potato. Assuming they taste the same as the US regular lays, they are nothing like a freshly cooked potato. :pensive:



Oh man, I’d love to try those, I love cevapcici!

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Found these at my local Chinese market in greater Boston, and these are either from HK, Taiwan or China. They always have an assortment of interesting flavors (pizza, tomato…), but these were new for me.

The roast chicken wings sound pretty good, but cucumber?!?

Grilled squid doesn’t sound too bad either. The grilled pork is specifically grilled pork belly according to the characters.