Potato chip flavors all over the world

The first time I went to a supermarket in southeastern PA, around 1988 (I’d just started school in Delaware), I was astounded at the variety of potato chips on offer. I’d never seen chips fried in lard before. In my part of NJ back then, it was basically Lay’s, Wise, and Pringles–maybe Utz also if you were lucky.


Not exactly a potato chip, but I got some Japanese Cheetos from Nijiya recently. They taste like American Cheetos but quite a bit sweeter.


I love taro chips. I’d be right there with you munching on these. I like the regular Terra chips too, but the sweet potato and taro chip pieces were always my favorite.

I recently saw that Terra chips has jumped on the spicy/hot bandwagon. It’s not on their website though, so next time I’m in the store I’ll have to check them out. I was a strict - “pick up cream, and fruit and nothing else” type of trip, so I saw them and had to speed away.


Finding their taro hips are hit and miss in my area. I bought a box once from Terra website (I think it was).

Sometimes I buy taro to slice on the mandolin then deep fry. Those are pretty darned good too.

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What I usually do, is I buy their regular chips and dig all the taro ones out and eat them first (or save them for me). :sweat_smile: I guess I should consider making my own, since I have easy access to taro and I’m at the Asian markets all the time. I don’t like frying things at home if I don’t have to, and I never quite get them to taste the same. Baked chips I’ve only had mixed success, even with the air fryer.

I found a picture of the spicy ones online:


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