Potato chip flavors all over the world

I actually see these often in manhattan grocery stores- and most recently in rite aid of all places

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I was most recently snacking on ALL of the Calabee honey butter chips i could manage while in Seoul, they were the same cheap chip price as usual

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I left these on the shelf…

How do you cure your eggs? Curious because the egg yolk becomes much more solid, but your egg on the other dish with the chive flowers looks like uncured egg. I never think of grating them like lemon zest though.

The yellow stuff on the asparagus is grated yolk.

I usually cure them for 3 weeks. Season it with anything you like.

Salt removed 3 weeks later.


Looks delicious. Gotta just cure yolks next time.

Got these duck eggs recently for the jung season.

A bag of seaweed chips in the 7-11 yesterday.

Had a bag of fish skin chips last year. Quite good.

Irresistible combination. Salted egg yolk flavored Fish skin crisps.

I think I prefer the plain fish skin chips. Fun to try though.

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Only in Kansai special edition

Pringles: Takoyaki

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Cool. Did you taste them? Saw many many flavours in China but they mostly tasted like fat, salt and MSG (to me).

I like that they draw the Pringles “face” on the sign.

I was thinking of this thread when I saw the pringles on the shelf. A fun take on a local classic.

We’ve been in Kansai (Kyoto/Osaka) two weeks now. Have not yet indulged in the two regional specialities and not likely to: takoyaki and oconomiyaki.

Didn’t really love them when we had them before, so no hurry to try the pringles. Kushiage is more than filling our grease quotient. :slight_smile:

I did have both regional specialities (in Kansai) but was not crazy about them. The cooking of okonomiyaki at your table is rather dramatic.

If you spot more interesting flavours let us see them.

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Potential “Chipocalypse” in New Zealand following a very wet winter.

No problem here in my part of the world, just need more crisps with new (and real novelty) flavours.

As per the BBC:

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Ate these in Fez, Morocco a few days ago. Mushroom one is OK, “kebab” tastes a bit savoury but not much else.

Moroccan wines are OK. Some are even nice. Only one place in Fez sells alcohol.


Today I tried some crawfish chips. They were OK but I’m not a crawfish expert. @jcostiones

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We’re fans of Zapp’s Cajun Dill Gator-Tators.

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I can’t imagine they could taste anything like a real crawfish.

They may look like little lobsters but they taste nothing like them. Sometimes you’ll be at a restaurant and people will peer at the table and bowls of mudbugs and go ew!, what do they taste like? I tell them I don’t want to be a wise guy but they taste like crawfish.

My favorite method of consumption are straight peeled tails plus a peeled pile of tails put on unbuttered French bread with some juice from the boil and fat from the head. I do the same thing when I cook them at home but put them in fresh, not packaged flour tortillas.

I’ve got an opened package of crab chips from a Korean grocery but have no expectation of them tasting like the real deal.


I agree. I’ve had quite a few crab chips and they simply don’t get the job done, not that I expected them to. They aren’t bad, but nothing like actual crab.

I’ve only had crawfish a few times in my life and I loved them. My dad’s friend used to bring back a cooler full from LA. I think it was a 64 quart or so. Good times. I wish we had them here. Some places here will have dishes with meat, but I’m not aware of any places that serve them whole unfortunately.

They’re like shrimp crackers. Those don’t taste like shrimp really but I do like them in small amounts.

Window shopping in Beijing and Taiwan. Them Asians love their crisps! :smile:




I love all the seafood flavored chips across Asia, and usually am game to try just about anything I find, but that banana yogurt shrimp chip sounds hideous. :nauseated_face:

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2