Potato chip flavors all over the world

When I saw the package that was my first thought!

What a fun shape!

How come?

Does turtle not taste good?

New store brand flavours at Loblaws in Canada

(I’m on a regimen, haven’t tried them)


TJ’s currently has a pepperoni pizza flavoured pc. I hadn’t realised the pepperoni part and thought it was disgusting. Once I recognised and realised the pepperoni part it became merely an oddity (improvement) but I don’t think I or the world need a pepperoni pizza flavoured potato chip.

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Turtle tastes VERY good!

Very true.

Especially turtle in congee.

roast beef flavored crisps were my favorite when I studied abroad in England

Taste like pancakes.


Can I just say……yuk!


Well its not April 1…

I got a pack of Lay’s India’s Magic Masala at a local Indian grocery. They were like Ruffles with an interesting spice flavor - there is turmeric, cumin, cardamom, mango powder, and other spices in there. I like it.


This flavour is currently available at most grocery stores in Canada.


Someone on this site who shall remain unnamed indirectly got me started on a Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich hunt early this year in Tokyo and Kyoto. I hit so many WH Smith type stores it was ridiculous.
And the results seemed to be almost entirely random. Some really good and most rather mundane.
Not sure what i was doing wrong but the good ones made it worth it.
Egg sandwich chips might be a bridge too far for me, tho.


Chips in the egg salad sandwich, maybe!

Or fries. Egg Salad Butty!

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Not all over the world, but right here in the good ole US of A… at your local ALDI at that (since that thread has been damn near comatose lately :roll_eyes:)!

I did not buy and try, but woulda if we had a poker game coming up any time soon.


I enjoyed a taste of Italy (via Thailand) today in the form of Lay’s garlic bread flavor chips. They were pretty good, tasted like Ruffles flavored with butter and garlic, which indeed evoked garlic bread.