Popeye's Fried Chicken Sandwich

I recently (before the chicken sandwich came out) stopped at popeyes drive through. I got some chicken tenders and they honestly were pretty crappy. I think they were just sitting for a long time. I actually didnt even finish them and chucked them out :confused: I’m not going back for a while.

I never have this problem at chick fil A. The meat is always hot, juicy, and consistent. Plus you don’t have to wait a long time on line with morons. You also don’t have to worry about them running out or getting body slammed, stabbed, or having someone swinging trays at your head.

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The article seems to say the po-boy began in 2003 and was just recently discontinued. It doesn’t mention a burger bun unless I missed that. Beside the bun, the earlier version it describes had chicken tenders in it, not a full-on crispy boneless piece. Very different thing.

, CFA obviously has a more civilized clientele than Popeye’s. So stand in line at CFA For a chicken sandwich or risk your life at Popeyes for the same thing. Your choice. A fried chicken sandwich is just a fried chicken sandwich after all.

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I agree. I will try it eventually, but it looks like it will be a while before the hype dies down.

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I wouldn’t stand in line . But after eating one I would probably say . " it doesn’t look like the picture. " Fried chicken between a bun , it’s good but …

And if you believe this but I don’t:

Since this picture has now been verified “authentic”, I can just about believe anything. Including half a joint.

I’m pretty sure someone is going to watch over a half joint more closely than that. Calling BS from that guy


Oh come on @corvette_johnny and @Miss_belle ; this isn’t media shenanigans?

I go to Popeyes a LOT and I’m expletive civilized.

Whatever. I’ll be glad when it gets back to business as usual.


They’re not naive. You’re trying to reason with someone hiding behind a keyboard using code words like “animals” “APE-shit” and comparing Popeye’s to Chick-Fil-A - a white (yes I have the balls to say it) christian, conservative corp with an anti-gay agenda. He’s careful (or chicken) not to use real inflammatory words, but he’s as subtle as a Popeye’s beat-down. There are 2400 Popeye’s locations in the U.S., but he and his cheerleader, Miss_b, are purposely painting their customers with one brush because of a few bad actors to satisfy their dumbass views. It’s depressing. I come here to have fun dialoging with other food geeks like myself and have to read that bullshit.


Thanks. I was trying to figure out a not-stupid way to express what you just did, but the only thing that came to mind was dogwhistledogwhistledogwhistle.


Mod note: This discussion has taken a political turn. Locking discussion. I will reach out to you individually. Thanks.


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