Polpo Cookbook Review

So, compiling my list for Birthday’s Anniversaries, Christmases etc.

My husband needs HO’s help so that he doesn’t end up in the Dog House not knowing what to get.

What does everyone think of this book?

Has anyone cooked from it and possibly have any recipe recommendations, tips and tricks?

I want to know if this book is shelf worthy.


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It has been quite a while since I cooked from it but I remember it fondly. As a book lover, even if every recipe was mediocre, it’s binding is worth having on your shelf. I always smile when I see it.


It was an extremely successful COTM back in April 2015 and we even revisited it in December 2016. By successful, I mean there was high participation and I don’t recall anyone reporting on recipes that failed or were disappointing. I’ve cooked a fair bit out of it–probably 20 recipes or so and it’s one of my favorites. Perhaps I’ll revisit it soon. It’s been awhile. And I agree with the above post, it’s also a gorgeous object to have on your shelf.


@pistachiopeas, If wish to post any of your 20 or so recipes then I would welcome them here.


Concur, the recipes seem deceptively simple, but yield great results. For example, the basic tomato sauce, lentil dishes, shrimp risotto, fish with citrus and herbs, and a calamari, chickpea, and kale dish are all outstanding.


Those were some of my favorites too, Caitlin. I want to make the fish with citrus & herbs again soon.


I was later to the COTM club than most so I always felt I had missed the great hurrah that was this book, until I started to cook from it.

I have made the “basic” (which is anything but!) tomato sauce, the pork and beef polpette (the most amazing meatballs), rocket (arugula)and walnut pesto crostini, white bean crostini, pear gorgonzola and chicory salad, chicken cotoletta, flak steak with portobello mushrooms, goat’s cheese roasted grape and walnut bruschette.

So many more are on my list to make. I’d love to see this as a COTM now that I have my legs under me in the kitchen, thanks to so many cook alongs at CH!!!


Yes! Definitely shelf worthy!


So many good dishes on your list. I don’t eat much red meat, but that flank steak has become a family favorite here; it’s incredibly simple to make and tastes much more complex than you’d expect.