Policy question re: Gear

As some of you might know, Mom has gone to an assisted living center, and I am emptying her condo in preparation for sale.

As a result, I will be coming in to a a bit of quite nice kitchen/cooking items, not all of which I’ll have use/room for.

Some of it I know from research is worth actual money, from $ to $$$. Much of it seems like the best way to get it gone is ebay, but I know folks here are already interested in these sorts of things.

Is there any policy/rule/objection to my starting a thread or two offering up stuff to the HO community for sale? Lord knows I don’t want to start a precedent where we’re inundated by professional flea-market pickers.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions welcome. I will, of course, abide by whatever the admin has to say, as their word is final…


@hungryonion I can’t seem to reach the Buy/Sell category. Is it just me?

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Not just you. We’re at least a population of two.

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Oh, weird! @moderators Can you help @MrGuyGuyGuy find the Buy/Sell board?

I don’t see it either.

I can see a pinned post titled “About the Buy/Sell category”.

If I hit ‘New Topic’ and try to find it in the category list, or search for ‘Buy’ ‘Sell’, etc, it finds no matches.

There is a buy-sell board over at eGullet, too.

This was answered here: Forum Rules and Guidelines - #15 by Vecchiouomo

Why not use that pinned thread to post your wares (as Reply posts to the pinned thread)?

ETA - Seems what you want to do is a permitted activity (2nd link below).

And to solve the mystery, an admin comment from 2017:

And to answer your broader (Policy) question, here’s the admin response, a few weeks ago, to Tim’s very similar question in the thread that @TheGforceNY linked to.


That seems right. Apologies if I seem a bit obtuse at the moment. Packing up a mom’s condo has turned my brain into underset, unflavored gelatin. The movers come tomorrow.

Please let them get here before the thunderstorm starts.


All the best…been there, done that…twice. Harder than moving yourself.


Hey man, trust me I understand, it’s been a helluva year for us as well. Gets overwhelming at times just trying to figure out where to start the next phase.

Looking forward to your upcoming pots post (see wut I did thar?).

Those bistro plates, though - hard to let go of gems like that.

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Yes… after my Dad passed away, I flew back East & helped my mother clean up Dad’s “accumulation” in the garage and attics.

And yes, he had saved the kitchen sink from a previous remodel. We lightly laughed about the kitchen sink being hidden away in the attic.

We got through about half of the stuff, when my mother had enough and wanted to do the rest at a later date.

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Mom seemed to collect antiques (older thing, victorian/edwardian sorts of things. There’s little demand for much of it now, the Millenials and GenX’rs having moved on to mid-century modern / deco / nouveau or 60’s-70’s kitch.

At a certain point, looking up this odd piece or that, finding a few ebay listings for $8-10 per item, it just wasn’t worth it to pack and ship them home in the vague hopes I might someday get around making a listing and finding a buyer.

Rent a U-Haul, head to Denio’s.
One of the best flea markets I used to sell at.
You’ll be able to unload most everything.

I actually went to Denio’s (which I stubbornly keep mispronouncing as ‘Denny-O’s’) The place is so big as to be intimidating, and I’d be terribly worried of not unloading it all after paying the fee, etc. etc.

I know some things have definite ebay potential, and I’m hoping folks here might like some stuff. Past that, there’s a bunch of GEN-YOO-WINE antiques, like horse brasses from the 1800’s and old bathroom/shaving kit (tooth powder jars and the like.

There’s even a copper J C Moore chaffing dish from Tiffany, which, if ebay isn’t lying TOO much to me, could go for a couple hundred.

Other things might end up at an old fashioned actual garage sale, where I sit out in a lawn chair and trying to make the last scratched up pyrex pan go away for $3.

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You must not remember their commercials from back in the day! IIRC, they mostly ran during the Saturday morning cartoon block on all three network stations. And now that I have thought of it, I’ve cursed myself with an earworm I won’t shake for hours!

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I’m not a norCal native. Chicago’s my home turf. I remember when 588-3200 EMPIIIIIIIRE didn’t need a 1 800 in front of it.

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Oops, forgot about that. And now thanks to you, I’ll be thinking of “SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!” all morning long, but in my case it’ll be from the short time I lived in LA and the Ascot Speedway in Gardena had flattrack racing and monster trucks all the time.