Poached Pear Point Pleasant

No questions about the food, just love the alliteration.

Seriously though, going this Saturday and was wondering if anyone has been and what to order.

The white chocolate risotto - part of some mains or as a side.

Very curious to hear how it is, as this has been on my radar for a while!

We were there for the first time in May. The menu doesn’t seem to change much (though there might be some seasonal changes or additions). You can’t go wrong with any of the things we had, all perfectly prepared and delicious: Duck Ravioli Confit, Rack of Lamb Persillade, Grandma’s Cheesecake, and House Made Ice Cream. I’m sure you know it’s a BYO. Mr. RBI brought a Côte-du-Rhône. Service was excellent, and the atmospherics are pleasant. We’ll definitely be going back but have been waiting for the summer crowds to dissipate.

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Damn…that looks good enough to eat, Roz! :slight_smile: Thx for sharing the report and the pics!

@seal - We’ve been there countless times and pretty much have had everything on the menu. Our go to items are the short rib carpaccio, shrimp appetizer, pear pizzette, tuna entree, and grandma’s cheesecake. While we love the place my only criticism is the fact that they haven’t changed the menu since they opened and the only special is the de-shelled lobster over crabcake and mashed potato. Otherwise, the food, service and space are top notch. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck.

Thanks for the posts.

Looks like we are in for a treat. From the menu it seems the risotto is only available with the strip steak ( my least favorite cut) so I likely won’t be getting that but we will see.

Wow - major disappointment.

The first thing you notice upon walking in is the noise level - out of control! I don’t understand why they didn’t do something about it when they did the major reno after taking over the place. Do not go here if you want to talk.

The menu looks good and with all the positives I read I was ready to enjoy some quality food. The shrimp appy I got was very good. I liked the sauce a lot and so did my companions as the plate got passed around for all to dip their bread in. The other apps, a pear and gorgonzola with balsalmic pizzette and some very overcooked gnocchi were not as good and the pizzette went half eaten though we were all hungry.

I got the strip steak as my main almost as much so I could try the touted white chocolate risotto as for the meat, but the meat was cooked a bit past my ordered medium rare and even the spice rub didn’t make it that much better. The white chocolate risotto was horrid. I forced everyone to try it thinking maybe it was me, but they all confirmed my judgement.

The guest of honor’s duck breast with foie came almost raw and the lone piece of foie was so tiny you could miss it if you didn’t look carefully. Our resident vegetarian ordered the veggie risotto and was decidedly underwhelmed, saying it lacked any real flavor. Change the menu indeed - maybe change the chef.

Even the desserts were just meh, with the exception of the Grandma’s cheesecake. And it was a lot of money too. Not rushing back here.

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@seal - I am sorry that you didn’t enjoy your meal. Although you seemed to like two of my favorites (the shrimp app and the cheesecake), the remaining items were evidently not properly prepared. Did you alert the server or the manager and give them an opportunity to correct them? Either way, I agree that it is a pricey meal and completely understand your disappointment. When I try the restaurant again, I will advise if my opinion about the food has changed.

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