Plantains, what’s you fav recipe?

I see. Thanks. Heres a picture of what I ended up with, using 4 week old ( mostly refrigerated) plantains, and the coconut milk and orange juice recipe. Sort of.

Truth in advertising.

Tasted better than it looks, but still a bit much as a side.

The black bits are cinnamon chunks, i think from Whole Spice.


I am visiting in laws and learning about the difference between plantain and “cooking” banana.

Are the “cooking bananas” the ones that never ripen, just stay green? (Although I think they do go bad, they just don’t do it the way regular bananas do).

In case OP’s still listening in, my favorite is very ripe maduros. There are a couple of recipes like Haitian goat stew where we do the super-flattened greenish ones. Kind of like tostones you might get in a Cuban etc. restaurant but flatter, and you soak them in a hot water/acid bath between the 2 frying steps.

That sounds like what I’m told!

I had not heard of cooking bananas vs plantains before so am learning.

I am team savoury, so the plantains I like should be unripe.

Then plantain chips (with just salt or pepper and salt). These are cut in rounds.
I also like the long chips.

Tostones rock, too.

Or soak the plantains awhile, peel a thin layer off the peel with a peeler, small dice, and make poriyal.

These are too starchy for me nowadays so are rare treats.

White potato, yam, and "dumpling ".

Green banana.

No shortage of white carbs!