Pizzas: dedicated cutters or chef knives ?

I prefer moving to a cutting board and using a pizza cutter for thinner crusts. For thicker crusts, I use a bread knife; I feel like a pizza cutter or chef’s knife compresses the crust.

However, if I had to choose just one, it would be scissors. Right out of the oven, scissors are the easiest. Especially if company are over, no one can wait even 5 minutes. I’m can cut directly in the pan, or on a cooling rack, or on a foil-lined plate. I only have one large cutting board. If I’m at someone else’s place, it’s not even a question. The only large cutting boards are glass. Knives aren’t sharp. Pizza cutters are death traps. (Two weeks ago, I tried to use one and the handle fell off. Fortunately, I wasn’t cut too bad. ) Even second-rate scissors will do the job.

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For thin crust, I read an article if the pizza is just out of the oven, pizza cutter is preferred. A chef’s knife needs a wait of a few minutes before slicing.

Hmm. I suspect either 1. chopping instead of slicing or 2. knife needs to be sharpened. Or something else. It shouldn’t compress the crust. You do however raise a good point, that pizza cutters are defacto chopping the crust vice slicing.

I suspect I can’t get my knife sharp enough. I try all the time to use a chef’s knife to slice sandwich bread, but it never works right. Also, the bread knife steel is thinner and even, so it’s easier to make straight cuts.

Are you in Baltimore? My tri-stone sharpener is currently in Odenton at my SIL’s home. I have an as yet unscheduled trip to collect it. I could meet you somewhere (a park? somewhere with tables) - distancing, masks, outdoors - pick three. grin Maybe I can get a better edge for you. Send me a note if that appeals.

Yes, Baltimore. Haven’t been to Odenton in many years. We used to frequent a restaurant there named Grace Garden. We actually make it to Annapolis a few times a year, too.

We would love to meet another HO member. I’d much rather it be at a time when I could watch up close and learn, but who knows when that will be possible again. Though our schedules are very erratic, I’ll message you and see if we can figure it out.

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