Pizzas: dedicated cutters or chef knives ?

How do you cut pizzas? Are you happy? We use chef knives on cutting boards, find that ok, but not optimal, and a bit annoying with melting cheese. Do you recommend a pizza cutter? If yes, which one? I saw neighbour has one, but can hardly cut anything correctly.


Most of the time, we eat “single portion” pizza, so no cutting needed - we eat it using cutlery.

On the occasions when there’s a bigger version, we use a cutter. It’s one of a number of Good Grips utensils we have.

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I make 10” pizzas, so I just pick it up and eat it, like a savage.


My husband uses a cheap green pizza cutter from Dollar Tree.:slightly_smiling_face: I prefer my grandmother’s single wooden handle mezzaluna. It’s only about 6” wide but works well for me.

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Knife or scissors.

Like this?

I remember people at a party asking for scissors to cut a pizza.

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Just a pair of kitchen shears. Sharp but nothing fancy.

Yeah! H does it too, sometimes!

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I’m looking at these, they’ve got good reviews. I don’t mind getting a cutter, but no idea how to sharpen them. I’ve read an article that a professional pizza place, they sent them out to get sharpen once a week.

Cutting a pizza is pretty much a pain.

My personal preference is to move the pizza to a big cutting board and cut it with a chef’s knife. The problem many people have is that they don’t have a cutting board big enough (plebians! grin) to hold the entire pizza. That aside if the pizza is hot and the knife is sharp and clean the cheese does not adhere too much.

For delivery pizza in a cardboard box you can in theory cut it with a knife in the box on the counter. My knives are sufficiently sharp that they go through the pizza and the box which is not good for either the knife or the counter.

We have a couple of pizza cutters. One is the classic New York metal wheel on a handle. That works pretty well but you have to be picky to find one with either a big enough gap or a removable wheel for cleaning. They are a real pain to sharpen. Mine takes longer than the time for any three other knives added together. You’re still faced with the cutting surface problem.

We also have a two-piece cutter like this . Ours is not as fancy. The best part is that the wheel pops out of the fender/handle and can be wiped off; both parts then go in the dishwasher top rack. Hand washing the handle would be irritating at best so bear that in mind if you don’t have a dishwasher. I don’t worry so much about that one getting dull. If it gets to be a problem I can chuck it in a vise and clean it up with a file. Right out of the box it still is not a great cutter.

If I was cooking in a pizzeria I’d have a number (cleanliness and cross-contamination) of the New York style with a handle and cut the pizza on the paddle and slide it into the box or onto a serving platter. For home I greatly prefer a really big (wooden) cutting board and a chef’s knife. I have a very long-bladed spatula to get the pizza out of our baking pan.

Hope this helps.

As noted above - it’s a pain. I use Vice Grips ™ (locking pliers) and a tri-stone (three grits of sharpening stone in one tool). You can do about 30 degrees and then move the Vice Grips and repeat. This is another task that for me requires adult beverages and Netflix. It is truly mind-numbing. Easier if you have a removable wheel but still not easy. Professionals use a very low grit grinding wheel, a special vice, and a drive wheel that slowly moves the wheel around.

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We’ve never needed to sharpen it. But then it probably only gets used 3 - 4 times a year. If that.

Like samurai pizza chef.

Anybody uses this? At least it seems this pizza chopper is easy to sharpen.



I saw this huge one.ösle-RS12717-Roulette-Pizza-Inoxydable/dp/B004PBZ9B0

I think one can take out the blade and clean it.

I agree with a big cutting board. I needed to slice 6 pizzas into 8 pieces yesterday. The board wasn’t very big, nor the knife very sharp and long. I think if a big cutting board isn’t available at least 2 long enough cutting board, so I can deal with half pizza on each one.

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Unfortunately, my cleaver is dull, will be a nightmare to sharpen it. But as an idea, it sounds good.

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We use a chopper that looks like something like an ulu knife. We have a big cutting board.

I use my simitar, it does a great job.


I never knew what those were really called. I have 3 of them.

That’s exactly what I use, cut the pizza on the pizza stone. Is it perfect? No. Does it work fairly well? Yes. I think the brand we have is Bialetti.

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Chef’s knife for me.