Pizza toppings

Saw this on facebook and had to share. Thumbs up or down?

Thumbs down for putting it on the pizza after it came out of the oven. Why not put them into the oven so you get burning hot flaming hot cheetos covered in molten cheese?

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l love both pizza and Cheetos, but the thought of eating them in combination is repulsive to me.


I love this place!

Freedom of speech rules :slight_smile: I’m glad to see some good action on here. Chowhound is a ghost town. And on that ghost topic…

I still want to try a bite or two of that ghost pepper pizza Adam richman ate!

Bet he was burning at both ends. And that’s a pretty big fire…

You know I gotta say this thread started in a hole and just keeps digging deeper.

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He was hurting. At the end when he goes into the walkin he shoves the camera guy and bails out.

So my nomination for the worst pizza toppings ever:

Uncle Stavros on Full House, feta cheese and lamb guts.

Just not NESSA, as I like to say. Give me a well-done combo of meats and veggies and I’m happy! Then again, I’m craving Talula’s (Asbury Park) Beekeeper’s Lament (hot soppressata w honey) and plan to satisfy that craving ASAP. Don’t knock it 'til you try it. @joonjoon can attest to this. :slight_smile:

That must have been for cable TV.

This in my opinion is sacrilege.

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And yet, a flat pita w feta and lamb meat (not guts) sounds damn good to me…

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I can’t do clam pizza…Love both but not together

Hey, how about an extra crunchy cicada pizza:

Recipe here:

You know I think I hear something in my back yard right now.

Extra anchovy, anyone? (Hoping someone gets the reference)

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Yes please!



I don’t know for sure, but on top of my head I would say “No”. The idea just doesn’t appeal to me.

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