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so what is the ideal thing to order at Pinocchio’s? never been there…



I like the pizza rossa sicilian slice at Pinocchio’s, which is most like a margherita. I prefer an edge piece as the texture contrast between the crust and slice is nice. Their pizza rossa also reminds me a little bit of a RI pizza strip from my youth.

I often get 2 slices. Always a pizza rossa, and some others I enjoy are their pepperoni, spinach, or artichoke. I’m not generally a veg on pizza person, but they are one of the few places that do it right. I don’t care for some of the funkier offerings (buffalo chicken).

I now must resist stopping by there for lunch.



I thought I’d bump up this thread in case anyone has been to the new places that have opened up recently.

Finally made my way over to Rabottini’s the other night. Six of us shared 3 pizzas as takeout, with six slices left over. We had a square plain, a square house-sausage and peppers, and a round mushroom. All of the pizzas were delicious, with the sausage and pepper perhaps being my favorite. The square is pretty much Sicilian style and the round has a thinner, but not super-thin, crust, which has a really nice flavor. The pies held up well to takeout and to reheating in a hot toaster oven. On a Friday a little after five, it took about an hour from ordering to receiving the finished product.

It was fun to watch the care that was put into baking the pizza. The chef (Dan Roberts) was constantly turning, repositioning and checking the crust so that every pie was cooked evenly and to a consistent doneness.

One note, these pies are quite dark with definite char on the edges and deeply browned cheese. If you don’t like char, this is probably not your pie.

As others have said, I hope they find a permanent home soon. I think there are six or seven weeks left at the Allston location.



Really useful report, lots of detail – thanks!! Sounds yummy.

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We tried the new outpost of Lisa’s Family Pizzeria right outside of Waverly Sq. in Belmont. The cheese pizza was a decent thin-crust old-school Italian-American pie. (I guess I like hyphens.) The crust held up fairly well and had some flavor, although I like a touch more salt and fermentation. Sauce and cheese were well-proportioned and tasty. It’s not a destination place, but we’ll get it occasionally to scratch an itch since it’s convenient for us.
My son was craving something green and ordered the veggie pizza. It was covered in lovely fresh veggies that were desperately in need of seasoning and cheese or oil. He covered them in hot sauce, and we piled on some cheese to reheat the leftovers. We’ll order something different next time. The slice was somewhat less bland reheated with parm.

It’s basically a takeout place with a couple of tables. The woman behind the counter couldn’t have been friendlier.