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Quick Rabottini’s update. They now think they will in their temporary location through the end of October and would probably stay longer if the landlord (Harvard) lets them. The pizzas were once again excellent. I’m really hoping they find a permanent home in the immediate area.


since I couldn’t figure out whether Hot Box was open today to try their roast beef threeway/bar pizza, I decided to hike into Davis Sq. instead to try out Dragon Pizza. (tho I just found out that Tsurumen was apparently serving pork maze soba today. if I’d only known…).

Pretty standard setup here, the fairly limited menu (that seems a work in progress) has a few pizza options, some salads that seem promising, a couple sandwiches and gelato. Just got a slice, which goes for $3.75 and it was decent. It wasn’t bad really–the tomato sauce was fine and un-sweet but there was maybe a bit too much cheese for a good ratio on the pie. The thin crust was good and crispy, but seemed to lack a bit in flavor and the whole thing seemed overall to be missing something to make it stand out.

They seem to play around with toppings some, so maybe that’s the play here. People were nice and they were playing Otis Redding when I went in, so that’s sure a plus. It’s better than Christo’s was and would be a perfectly good stop for a quick bite before a movie, but at least on a first try the slice didn’t really wow me as anything special. Will probably explore a bit more in the future to see if there’s anything really worthwhile to order here.


Thanks for the report. I’ve been checking on social media for Dragon Pizza and Hot Box, without much success. I can imagine how crazy opening a small individually-owner place can be, so I’m not criticizing. Does Dragon seem to be more of a takeout-quick bite, or is there also an element of eating in feeling?


Dragon is a fairly standard counter service/booth pizza joint. I think they renovated some (though it’s been a long time since I set foot in Christo’s) but it’s pretty typical for a quickie slice place.

As to new places making their opening hours unavailable, I’m sympathetic some too but maybe a bit less forgiving than you are. Sure, opening a new place is crazy–but Hot Box got an Eater Boston writeup that pointed readers to their social media account for info. I feel like it’d sure be worth it to them to take advantage and spend the minute or so it would cost to update said account with their hours, so interested diners could maybe spend money at their new spot.


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yeah, how long does it take to make a brief post on social media? vs. the business you might gain if you do or lose if you don’t? Post the hours.


Rabbotini’s now extended through December. Great news.

OT: this forums is disappointingly quiet


Agree on both counts!


yeah, it’s a little disheartening. I had a mini-food crawl in Allston last week and I didn’t even write it up because it’s starting to feel like it’s not all that worth it.

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Well, count me among those who are reading. Even if I can’t post as often as I mean
to. (Work is crazy busy!)


Count me among your fans, too. I’m incredibly busy at work myself, so cannot post much right now, but I do hang on your every word.


I wish you would write it up, I would love to read it and I truly believe that posting is contagious! :slight_smile:

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Im in the area visiting my son. He’s only lived there 3 yrs. Allston is a fun town. these posts help us both. Thxs.


I really like this site and do check in most days. Had a treat last night and stopped in at “The Golden Temple”. Best Americanized Chinese food anywhere in my opinion. Light dinner with a friend: spicey clam app. chicken lettuce wrap and shrimp pad thai.
All really good and fresh, fresh, fresh. Also, pretty damn good espresso (go figure?).
Did I mention fresh!


I went to Armando’s for the first time in a loooong time tonight on the way home from Formaggio’s. Went for a Sicilian slice and a regular pepperoni slice. The regular slice wasn’t too great at all, the crust was decent but the cheese was kind of rubbery and tasteless with run-of-the-mill pepperoni. The Sicilian was still good though, with a snappy bottom crust and some char on top. The latter is def. the way to go here nowadays.


Agreed. I had an Armando’s Sicilian slice the other day as well. Their crust is tasty. I like the family who runs it. The patriarch who passed a few years ago was from Benevento, where I still have relatives so I’ve always had a soft spot for them

I also stopped into Pinocchio’s recently and I’d echo almost the exact same comments for them. In fact I prefer Pinocchio’s. Their crust is a bit lighter and rich tasting.


I adored Armando’s in the old days, but I do feel they’ve slipped over the last few (at least 5) years. They were never an ingredient-driven place, but the ability they had to coax flavor out of modest sources was remarkable. I’m old enough to remember Hi-Rise’s crack at pizza down Huron Ave: their pizza was wonderfully inventive, with wonderful ingredients – yet lacking in overall oomph, compared to Armando’s. They folded and Armando soldiered on, but (I’m sorry to say) on a downhill path.

Yes, people say, “Go Sicilian.” Yet, why is the overall quality so low now?


I don’t know. I also don’t really get why the disparity between the Sicilian and the regular slice is so great.


I haven’t been to Pinocchio’s in forever either. I’m going to have to stroll over there one of these days.