Pink sauce

As I meandered through World Market I came upon bottled Pink Sauce. The label proclaimed what a big deal it was on TikTok. Have any of you tried it? Is it needed beyond 1000 Island, the innumerable fry and burger sauces, remoulade, etc.? Is it worth trying? Ido eat all manner of things that benefit from sauces from burgers, to Reubens, to fries, to choppec salads, and so on. I even make pink taco sauce of sour cream, seasoned rice vinegar, and salsa for tostadas and dropping the vinegar to use it on tamales.

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I tried it… nothing to write home about. The caloric value was also rather high.
Personally, I’d rather have just a generic hot sauce.


As I suspected. Bring down the curtain on this thread and go back to singing the versatility of the generic hot sauce! Thanks to both @Desert-Dan and @BeefeaterRocks