Pigs in a blanket

Can anyone recommend a good dipping option or sauce recipe for pigs in a blanket. I know mustard is “standard”, but anything a little more exciting? Thanks!

Add hot sauce to the mustard
Add honey to the mustard
Add sour cream and dill to the mustard
Hoisin sauce
Plum sauce
Duck sauce
Cheese sauce

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Melted dark chocolate

Red currant or grape jelly w/horseradish
Chipotle ranch

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Thai sweet chile sauce
Bulldog sauce
BBQ sauce

BBQ sauce
Honey mustard
Sweet and sour sauce
Thousand Island dressing
Maggi Hot and Sweet sauce (from your local Indian store)

Less adventurous than some, but maybe somewhat interesting: have a choice of different types of mustard.

Welcome to the board Teeruh. You’ll find no shortage of ideas here. Please let us know what you decided to go with.

I’d add cheese sauce as another option.

You could go with a kind of taco bar approach with mulitiple toppings for people to choose from.

I’m doing pigs in the blanket for NYE and keeping it easy with brown mustard this go 'round.

By far my favorite mustard for pigs in a blanket. Just serve it as is, also an excellent honey mustard to use in sauces.

What does “sharp” mean in mustard lingo?
Mild and spicy are my usual go-tos.

It’s very similar to honey dijon mustard. You know how that has a bit of a “bite” on finish, it’s very similar to that but yet different. lol

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Another mustard addict!
I’m among friends :slight_smile:


I mix horseradish, a little creme fraiche into dijon mustard and sprinkle sliced chives on top. It’s still mustard, but with a bit of panache…If you’re in the mood, coriander chutney also works well, albeit very differently…


Pigs in a blanket…breakfast sausage rolled up in a pancake…maple syrup.

Are these hot dogs in crescent rolls?


“Spicy” is ambiguous, and might mean “with chili peppers added”.

“Sharp” is not ambiguous, and means “stronger hot mustard taste, no peppers”.

You could make one that was both.

Ketchup and mayo are considered bizarre condiments on a burger in Texas, mustard and jalapenos are what normal people down here eat. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


You guys are weird :wink:


Pickled or fresh jalapeño slices @jcostiones? For myself, that sounds great, but with BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, fried onion straws and no mustard. I do like mustard though, on other things.

In my house they’re a bacon rasher spiraled round a sausage and then baked or maybe broiled. No pancake involved. Or have I totally got the wrong end of the stick?!