Peter Luger given a -0- stars review by NY Times..........(can't say I blame them)

While it has literally been 21 years since I last dined there, I stopped going primarily because the servers were rude (once throwing a the check and billfold at a client and told them: “why don’t you just server yourself the rest of the night” ) the wait ridiculous even with reservations…and the old “cash only” policy (yes I know they have their own credit card but that’s another story).

Honestly I agree there is equal or better out there especially in Manhattan and especially if you are looking for ambiance and service as well as a dam good steak. Sad to hear that the place is literally going that down hill though…I don’t it will cut into business though. The place will survive forever as nothing more than a tourist trap.


Completely agree that it won’t affect their bottom line, but let’s face it–many long-standing institutions are exactly that–long standing, but not much else. As I like to say, the Emperor has no clothes. It’s about time someone said so. #IfYouSeeSomethingSaySomething


This is my favorite line:
“The Department of Motor Vehicles is a block party compared with the line at Peter Luger.”

I haven’t been to Luger’s since the mid 1990s but had an excellent steak then. Maybe this will be a wake up call for them.


Ha, I love a good bad review! (as long as it’s not of me :slightly_smiling_face: )


Wow, that is a scathing review all right.

Huh >_>

I just ate there for lunch a few days ago, right after that review came out. I thought the service was actually rather nice as I got sat pretty fast at the bar. Bartender was pretty happy and I really couldn’t complain about much.

Had the steak for one and I thought it was still delicious. Expensive, but still nicely done. Maybe they improved since the review?


I just read this much more positive review…

That review isn’t relevant. Everyone who goes to Lugers on a semi-regular basis, for both lunch, and dinner; knows that the scene, service, and food at lunch are MUCH better. You really can’t compare dinner and lunch.


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