The Big Ole NJ Steak Thread

31.99 a pound, dry aged from dearborn but sold at shoprite…a little steep

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A platter consisting of sliced 4" thick porterhouse, 3" tomahawk, 4" tenderloin, sweet and hot sausage over a bed of polenta. The polenta soaked with the juices from the meat was amazing.

This was prepared by a friend, (ChefMD) for a family gathering since my sister was in town. Accompanied by a potato galette , roasted asparagus with pancetta, masked butternut squash w/ pomegranate, Béarnaise sauce, bordelaise sauce and a Caesar salad. There was also (not shown) a strip steak cooked medium well for someone who insists on steak with no red or pink. This was a magnificent dinner prepared by a great chef.


Oh man, did you really have to do this Jeff? Lol

I’m starvin Marvin right now!

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Happy to see him cooking! When I see his IG posts, he’s always on a bike. :slight_smile:

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Cross posting because…well because that’s why !!!


On my last visit to PL approx. 15 years ago, I was out with a couple of Las Vegas casino exec’s who were there for the first time. We ordered the usual stalwarts of tomato and onion, bacon, ribeye for 3, creamed spinach and hash-brown potatoes. It was a very good meal. Then they ordered for dessert a single hot fudge sundae with 3 spoons. Yikes! They dug in and shared that single sundae, fully expecting me to join in, our spoons and saliva mixing together. Although they may have perceived my refusal to partake in the shared sundae as a breach of etiquette, I couldn’t do it. Kinda reminds me of that time when Jerry wouldn’t eat after Poppy didn’t wash his hands.


Double dipping gone wild. Disgusting.

Since we put the original review here …


Coming up to temp now…


Check out these beauties at Costco. Look at the marbling in the top steak’s cap

20.99 a pound


At it again after rodizio! You da’ man CJ!!

Lol, this was pre-rodizio pregame.

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I never knew Gaetanos changed names. I was checking out the menu.

Do you guys think this is an actual prime GRADE steak? It says “prime cut.” For 36 bucks it comes with shrimp too. That is a good deal if the steak is in fact prime and they can cook it correctly.

(GF) prime cut NY strip with grilled shrimp, smashed roasted Parmesan fingerling potatoes, sautéed spinach 36

Nice list here…


Does anyone know of any prime rib specials? The sitting duck and pourhouse do wednesday and sunday. Tuzzios does Wednesday. Charleys took their monday special off. What else do we have?

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Just saw this in the tri-City News…


The atlantic house now has a new menu. It has a ribeye and I got all excited as I’ve been meaning to get there.

It is 38 for an 11oz ribeye. Does that sound expensive? It isn’t aged…

It says grass fed, so if it’s the hippie kind of grass, then, no, it doesn’t sound expensive. :smoking: