I recently discovered a great on line place to get my spices. No, not Penzys! It’s called The Spice House and the herbs and spices are remarkable. They are so fresh and fragrant! I got Telecherry peppercorns (which I have gotten many times elsewhere) and they came packaged in a brown resealable pouch. Every time I open it, I inhale the amazing,heady aroma. Recently they advertised that they had limited supplies of another type of peppercorn - Kampot. So I got a small bag of the black and of the red. Which got me to thinkng and wondering about the different types of peppercorns and their uses. There are subtle differences - I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on how to use the different types.


A Kampot pepper farm visited a few years ago. A discussion on white, red and black peppers.

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For black pepper, right now I have Cambodia Kampot, Vietnamese Phu Quoc 20 years and Malysian Sarawak. Kampot and Phu Quoc, they are not too far away geographically and keen competitors between 2 countries. Although it seems the unique micro climate in Kampot is more flavourable with pepper growing.

Kampot has the strongest strength among the 3 and stayed longest in the mouth, slightly more fruity. Sarawak comes the second in strength with a slight anise taste. Phu Quoc 20 years is the mildest in terms of strength, quite mellow with a more complex orange citrus peel flavour. I suspect the strength is related to new versus old pepper.

For black pepper, I have brought back a few kilo from Kampot, so it’s still my day to day pepper. I don’t quite understand this millésime in pepper with the Phu Quoc, as the seller in Kampot told us that we can keep a few years in a package without air (sous-vide).


This is such a timely recommendation for me. I love telecherry peppercorns. I used to buy them at Costco. They had a large jar of peppercorns, and they also sold them in a disposable grinder. Alas, they must have gone up in price, because now they are carrying something different. I don’t need anymore yet, but I’m thinking ahead for when I do. And the fact that they come in a resealable bag is another plus! Thanks!

You are welcome. These peppers will put your Costco ones to shame!