Penzey's spice blends - looking for your favorites

A recent window shopping expedition included a spice store where they put together all manner of spice blends, flavored salts and sugars. This motivated me to try some of Penzey’s blends because I see lots of you referring to them in your WFD threads. I’m a Penzey’s virgin, but this sounds like it will be fun!

Please share your favorite blends, maybe a quick description of their flavor profile, and how you use them.


Here’s a couple of past threads:

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And here’s another from August of 2019. My list is VERY long in this one. LOL


Thank you! I should have looked more carefully before posting. Maybe there will be some new contributors though!

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I use Krakow Nights on meat, poultry, seafood, and when roasting or sauteeing vegetables. I’ve given packets of it to friends, who all like it. Penzey’s website lists the ingredients.

Penzey’s has their own blend of curry and it is my absolute favorite! Also their hot curry is really good. As a college student, I have found that curry dishes are one of the easiest and fastest dishes to make so I am oh-so thankful for these little bad boys. A little bottle goes a long way (unless you’re like me and use it a lot).


Welcome to HO, @smallbookofplans Jessica!

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I have a jar of penzeys “new” curry. I’ve never made a curry, how should I go about it?

Always “bloom” the curry powder by sauteeing it in fat until it is moistened and bubbly. You will get the aroma of the spices. Just start sauteeing your onions, then push them aside to clear a coaster-sized space in the pan, adding the powder in that space. Once it’s bloomed, stir the onions back into it and proceed with adding other ingredients.

Thank you! @LindaWhit

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Yes, I have that one too and it is amazing! This is the very first curry recipe that I attempted to make and I’ve just adjusted it as I go (I use less tomato sauce now and most likely more curry than they recommend - I don’t usually measure).

Also tip, when I make chicken curry, I read somewhere that whole milk greek yogurt tastes better than coconut milk in dishes, so I tried it out one day and was surprised how much creamier it was and the flavor it brought out. My boyfriend calls it my signature dish now.

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Thanks for sharing! Though I do love coconut milk, this sounds like an appealing twist. And we always have a small tub of Greek yogurt in the fridge for toppings, dips, and sauces.