Patty Melt Philosophy

As long as we’re going down LA memory lane… I’d like to put in a mention of the original Dolores’ drive-in on Wilshire just West of La Cienega. Z sauce on a burger was memorable.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen 1000I on a patty melt. Man now I really want one.

Is this a thread? Cause I’d really enjoy it. . .

I think of a patty melt as a thin hamburger patty cooked on a griddle, diner style, not a grill. That makes all the difference in the world flavor wise.


Oh I’m sure it is somewhere.

Agreed, the patty should definitely be griddled!

Needs that grease? Yup!!!

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In NJ, ordering a patty melt at Friendly’s was a right of passage. Greasy, heavy on the onions.

At home, we would flatten chopped meat in an electric waffle maker until cooked and spread saute white onion and white cheddar cheese between two pcs. of rye bread then pan toast with butter.


Hi @biondanonima -

Interesting, I’ve been craving a Patty Melt lately. A few of my food buddies have been talking about and posting dishes from Pann’s Restaurant. It’s an old-school diner on the way to LAX. Someone posted a gorgeous :blush: picture of their Patty Melt.

I have to admit I haven’t had one in years, but I waitressed at a diner (Massachusetts) during my stab at college and the Patty Melt was greatly responsible for my freshman fifteen.

Anyway, I digress. Yes, I’ve had it with Russian dressing many times. But if I ever have one again my preferred version would be a simple, flattened burger patty, grilled onions, lots of melted deli-style american or cheddar cheese on buttered, griddled rye bread (no dressing).

Pann’s (internet photo). I prefer a thinner patty, but this a good example.

This decadently delicious thing is from Animal on Fairfax. But honestly, if I had a choice, old-school would still be my go to.

P.S. I have Mexican friends who do them on grilled tortillas. They call it a Mexican Patty Melt.

Can you tell I like this subject?



[quote=“Bookwich, post:14, topic:9514”]
And on Beverly Drive in Bev Hills. I ate there a couple times when I was a kid.
[/quote]Yep and Pasadena.

When I was a kid my favorite thing to order at Hamburger Hamlet was the Chicken Salad (big chucks of white meat & lots o’ mayo) in a giant white bowl shaped like a seashell, with Corn Muffins on the side.

The now shuttered Kate Mantilini in Beverly Hills was owned by the same family as Hamburger Hamlet… ahhh memories.

Ah hah! The Russian Dressing is not a myth!

Don’t you love the internet?

Now you’ve gone and done it! :wink: We will now be forced to begin to discuss whether a patty melt needs to be open-faced or not. The Hamlet’s were open-faced. I just went through that same debate re Reuben sandwiches.

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Open-faced? BLASPHEMY! Two pieces of greasy, butter-soaked rye bread are absolutely required! :slight_smile:


:smile: Okay, I’ll start. Just like the “never heard of Russian dressing on a patty melt” folks, I’ve never heard of an open-faced patty melt.

What was the consensus of the Rueben?

While we’re at it - what’s the difference between Russian and 1000 Island or is there one?

  1. Unless my rememberer is completely broken, the patty melt at the Hamlet was served open-faced.
    2.see pic attached.

Yes, this is how I understand the difference between Thousand Island and Russian, although in my experience most diner-type places only have the sweeter version, but will call it by either name interchangeably.

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Ahhh… I did not know this. Russian seems tastier.

Hah… I have know doubt open-faced Patty Melts exist on menus, just haven’t heard of it.

I’m going to need a Patty Melt soon :slight_smile:.

Never stopped at Pann’s–despite the classic architecture’s tasty promise–while making the turn from La Cienega onto La Tijera on the way to return the car ( pre-TSA times when cutting it close was too often the driving time planning norm).

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That’s funny.

My older brother always loved the place; but growing up I never paid much attention to it. It seems to be going thru some sort of foodie, hipster (insert buzz word) renaissance. An episode of Fargo was recently filmed there. They shortened their hours though. I really hope they survive.

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