Parsley heavy recipes?

I might be disappointed to put up a jar of preserved lemons only to have them taste like olives. But perhaps I’ll get a small one at my local Med market and play with some recipes. At least if I don’t like it, I won’t feel bad about a time investment.

I dont think they TASTE like olives but mine have the texture of olives. Zest, on the other hand, doesn’t really add any texture. But good to try them first, if it’s going to be a project. I just happen to have a lot of lemons when they are in season around here.

Oh - got it. I misunderstood you. I would love to have too many lemons. Don’t have that problem :slight_smile:

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This year I made some in a vacuum sealed bag, and if it works, you can just try one lemon and some salt and some time. I haven’t tried that batch yet :neutral_face:.

I don’t have the tools for vacuum sealing. But I don’t mind laying out a few dollars for a small jar at the specialty store.

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A 1 cup canning jar would work for one lemon, I just resent having to come up with enough juice to cover.

Just tried the vacuum sealed ones and they were good!

Alright, enough from me about preserved lemons. :zipper_mouth_face:


Red wine vinegar is a factor.

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Stumbled on it as I continued to privately obsess about preserved lemons. :blush:

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Apparently preserved lemons are in the air. I bought extra a couple weeks ago to try preserving for the first time but used them for something else. Empty jar and a long-deferred recipe, Zuni’s pasta with preserved tuna, still waiting.

I also like parsley, but it took a Korean restaurant to clue me that it could be a salad all by itself. I sometimes use up extra parsley that way, along with anything else that occurs, like celery or cabbage, sprinkle of pepitas etc. Extremely lightly, barely dressed with whatever suits. The bitterness goes nicely with sweetness, but I most often use lemon and oil, S&P.


I was going to chime in that my mom makes a raw parsley salad which is marinated like a raw kale salad. Basically, chop up the parsley - stems and all - coax it with salt, sesame oil, gojuchang (coarse chili pepper). For meat eaters, it provides a refreshing counterpart to bulgogi or kalbi. I personally like it with soy-broiled tofu and rice.


I really love this cilantro-peanut salad from Saveur - parsley would be a good sub.

I saw you mentioned a nut allergy but you could leave the peanuts out and use extra sesame seeds, or sunflower seeds or pepitas would work beautifully as well.


How about a nice parsley salad with shallots and capers, and a lemon juice+ olive oil dressing? I usually make this when I’m roasting bone marrow, because it cuts down on the richness of the roasted marrow. But the salad itself is nice and bright, and can probably be spruced up a bit to make it more substantial.

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Just make sure you add the parsley last and it has no water on it.

That sounds really good. I’m imagining it as a somewhat more “salady,” and of course Korean, alternative to chimichurri for grilled beef, or as you say tofu.

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Extra parsley is great in most types of savory soups, or for making your own stock @Sasha.

What’s the condition of the parsley?

Great ideas already!

I’ll add
Chermoula (for green tagine)
Tabbouleh / Fattoush / Falafel
Green adobo that’s multi-purpose - great liek a salsa verde, but you can cook with it too

You can also save the hard stems in the freezer for later use if your first application can’t include them.

Still in the ground :slight_smile:

Ha! Preemptive thread… :smiley:

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