[Paris]Trip Report: Montée Revisted

I also loved this restaurant when I was there many years ago. Agree with @beam, time for a return visit!

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Funnily enough, my first visit there in 2017, I was the only diner that evening. It was a Thursday evening in late April right before Round 1 of the French elections.

It’s a very strange restaurant indeed. Everybody that has been there seemed to be the only diners of the meal. My lunch there was also the only diners as well, only the 2 of us, plus the wife serving us and the husband chef.

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For our first visit in November 2017 we were the only ones there for the first hour and a half. Then another two women, who appeared to be regulars, came in and occupied another table.

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Curious if you have tried both Kei and Montee? I made a reservation at Montee for my trip but have just gotten a reservation for Kei and both meals (along with the rest of my itinerary) is probably a bit of overkill unfortunately

I’ll let you know. Just made a reservation for dinner Sept 24. Thanks for the detailed write up & pictures.

@SteveR. I have the impression that you an egregious. chatty, perhaps loud type. If so, I wonder if Montée (among others) would be a good fit for you. The food is fab but the very subdued ambiance will probably not suit you.

Or maybe I’m confusing the Steves on this board. If so, apologies.

Steve, I think that Parn owes you double apologies.


No (but thanks bcc… appreciated). Actually I think he has a good reason for that impression. And, in fact, we do intentionally go to a lot of places where one of our main goals is to socialize. And my voice does carry. I post a lot about these places on HO. However, since we’ve never met in person, he’d have no way of knowing that it’s situational. We also go to a lot of places where folks are not there to be part of my world nor am I there for theirs. I’d already realized what Montee would be & will be fine.

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By the way, I’m assuming that Parn meant gregarious, not egregious…

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Parn is French - perhaps he did indeed mean you are egregiously chatty… :wink:

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what date are you at Montee?

Sat, Sept 24th. You just want to know which night to avoid? :worried:

just wondering if we were going to be there at the same time.

We’ll be there on the 20th, at lunch.

At least HO is doing it’s part to help them stay in business!

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Just got back from our dinner & happy to report that we had a great meal and didnt get kicked out (or even get a look of disdain). Of course, my wife stopped me from going table to table making introductions, but I can live with that. Seriously good food, with very efficient & friendly service. Although I was duly impressed by the foie gras/banana/tapioca powder dish, my favorite course of the evening was the “Chou-fleur”, what the owner described as a cauliflower risotto with mushrooms. Incredibly well executed. I agree with everyone else & definitely add my recommendation.


In answer to PenelopeWitherspoon’s question about fall menu changes, our meal was less than 50% what you had. A darker rice crisp w/paprika (very good) & a chestnut amuse shaped like a pimento olive started things, then the same tomato sorbet/corn creme brulee dish, followed by a “horse mackerel tartar” with fennel and (I think) plum segments. Then the foie/banana dish, followed by the cauliflower risotto (very souplike), then Rouget filet with a small potato in a mint sauce, then pigeon w/olive tapenade. We did not get the cheese course, as we basically had compte w/baguette for lunch. The desserts started with a very creative group of “apple cidre” Cannoli type thing w/saffron ice cream, then the same chocolate & caramel popcorn desserts you had. We drank a recommended white wine throughout (Chateau Latour-Martillac Grand Cru Pessac-Leognan 2018) & it worked nicely.

My words will have to suffice, as I dont think I’ve taken photos at meals more than a couple of times over my many years. Thanks for yours (& the many others who do this… much appreciated).


Thanks much for this, Steve. I’m happy it went well for you. Also am very appreciative of your descriptions. I think this is not our cup of tea.

Having met Steve in a quiet, salon, cocktail setting, I can vouch that he tempers his infectious exuberance to the occasion. As the saying goes, “Dress him up and you can take him anywhere “I

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We went to Montée for lunch this past Tuesday. Since someone asked for pictures, I’ve included several.
Here’s the lunch tasting menu in English (I forgot to ask for one in French - most food sounds so much better in French):

We started with very nice amuse: cheese biscuits and smoked eggplant squares

Next was quail egg with a peach/bacon sauce. I quite liked it, but my wife didn’t.

My favorite dish was the mackerel tartare with black lemon and fennel. Even my wife who’s not usually a fan of tartares really enjoyed it.

Next was squid over tiny pasta with Cocos de Paimpol beans and chorizo - good but nothing more.

Next was mullet with a fabulous potato. Not innovative, but tasty.

The main was duck breast with chanterelles and sprouts. Again not innovative, but executed very well.

The first dessert was a pavlova with strawberries and lemon ice cream - really tasty and a bit “different" / creative.

The second dessert was deconstructed caramel popcorn: innovative to see but just good.

Overall, nothing wow, but at 55E, an excellent value, with very nice service from the hostess.