[Paris/France] Bonjour Chowhounders

Trish sad too, but glad Busk is here.

Hi RR, so glad to see you here. Your trip reports are amazing! Love reading them and your take on things.

It’s taking me time to figure out this board. I apologize for responding to posts that showed up in my email. I thought those posts were directed to me. I now see otherwise. :woozy_face:

Trish, you are certainly not alone — this new system takes some getting used to.

I have created TripAdvisor plans for Paris that geo-locate almost every recommendation from the board over the past 15 years. A few place are closed. A few places may not be what the used to be, but I use these plans incessantly, usually my most recent one.

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Thank you. If you need any help with SoCal especially Santa Barbara I’m mainly eating here these days. And boy do I have new appreciation for the choices in town when we stopped traveling.

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Robert, Glad you’re here and thanks for your 2017 Brittany CH post. It’s been a big help along with a couple from Gman and Maribel.

We’ll be in Brittany/Normandy for three weeks . For most of the trip we’ll be staying in the countryside (in 3 different gites) and will have a car. Mainly we need lunch recommendations . Hubby doesn’t drive and I refuse to be a designated driver after dinner so we only have dinner out if we can walk to the restaurant. Which means we’ll only have restaurant dinners in Rennes and Caen.

I’d be grateful for any recommendations any of you have.


Thank goodness - my future trips to Paris are saved! :grinning:

Absolutely NO sarcasm intended!


This thread is making me so happy. Feels like the good old days.

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I officially came over today as well. Was able to keep my name. Bonjour!


I’m having a hard time understanding how this web site works. If all messages are added to this string, the string will become unusable very quickly. If I have a specific query about, say, Restaurant XYZ, is there a way for me to isolate that question (and the answers) into a separate subtopic on this Paris board?

Yes. Take a look at the HO main screen directory & you’ll see the Paris subsection. Click and you’ll see a # of topics, including this “Bonjour Chowhounders” one, on specific places (ie; Clamato) or interests (ie; cheese) within. Create a new topic inside this Paris area of HO, give it a title (the name of the specific restaurant) & then post your question, review or interest.


Welcome @BB

@SteveR explained well.

In short, the FRANCE board is here, all the links are listed below.

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Do a search for Paris. Or the specific restaurant. Sort by relevance.

You’ll get the hang of it.

Happy to see everyone here! I’ll likely be mostly lurking these days. No big trips to France this year save for a 2-night stint in Nice next month wedged between Switzerland and the UK (long story) but Paris in October was wonderful (had the pleasure of dining with Parigi) and Nice in November was fabulous. Looking forward to everyone else’s adventures in France.



Welcome, VaPaula! I’m thrilled to see the influx, too. I understand the excitement/ambivalence/curiosity about joing HO…but I’m looking forward to when all the recent arrivals will bring their incredible food insights to the discussion.

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A good place to start would be to tell about your experience with Parigi and Nice!

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