Oysters in Paris!

Ok Busk. Just to test your system. Where to go for a platter of oysters in the 3rd ? No cheating.

I use these lists to identify the best places that are around me because they provide a map and directions integrated. I would really have to share them with you and then you open them in TripAdvisor, so feel free to PM me your email and I can share them. Naturally, there are a ton of places in the 3rd but it would be apparent who does oysters only by the name or by consulting the full restaurant info listing, unless it’s a place I have been or know well.


I can think of two off the top of my head – L’Ilot and Istr.

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Couldn’t think of anything in the 3rd, but when I checked on the last place I visited (in the 5th), Le Bar a Huitres Saint-Germain, it’s permanently closed - victim of Covid-19?

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I passed there a few weeks ago and saw the place was busy and was serving seafood. Didn’t really checked the sign. But you’re right. The place is called Restaurant de Haute Mer.

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Onz, I would be surprised if you didn’t know.

Sticking to the thread title while slithering past the game element of the OP, I’d go to Juste.

No, the Bar à Huîtres chain closed pre-Covid. But not a great loss and hardly noticed because there are so many other oyster places in Paris. We Parisiens love our oysters and fruits de mer.

Party-pooper !

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So educate us! What do you think of Juste, taking into account its raw bar ambiance? And better. Where would/do YOU head for an oyster fix?

Pleine Mer. Learned about it from Ptitpois.

Mme Mangeur, I’m usually a restaurant slut, no real loyalties, and very opportunistic. But I do enjoy the theatre of a platter of oysters at one of the landmark brasseries even if the rest of the menu is forgettable. And a particular affection for La Rotonde Montparnasse… plus the best cuisine of all the brasseries, I think, and one of the few historic brasseries that hasn’t been gobbled up by some restaurant conglomerate. I’m also a fan of trendy Istr in the 3rd. Otherwise, I just go to any place serving oysters that best slides into my schedule. A huge choice in Paris. Google “Paris oyster map”, first created by a Chowhounder and then updated by me.


Sitting outdoors at L’Ilot on a warm day/evening is just heaven on earth.

For those finding themselves in the 16th, look for HSP La Cabanne, a little oyster bar at 117 av Mozart – a real discovery last fall. I’ll have lunch at the big brother restaurant, Huîtres et Saumons de Passy, tomorrow after another visit to the Julie Manet show at the Musée Marmottan.


Another vote for L’Ilot and La Cabanne. The enjoyment of I’Ilot is also enhanced by location… I love that oh-so-Paris little patch of Paris still relatively undiscovered by tourists.

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Been going to Pleine Mer since a week after it opened,
My oyster of choice. Then a walk to La Ferme Hubert fromagerie 2 blocks away. Metro Gare d’ L’EST or Poissonaires.


Wow, the map is a great resource, thank you!

Near Porte Maillot I stopped in Le Congrès Maillot for an excellent plate of oysters and Sancerre before dinner elsewhere. Didn’t otherwise explore the menu but the reviews suggest it’s worth a return.

You Parisiens love your oysters for good reason! As much as I love the oyster selection here in Boston (look for Island Creeks, from Duxbury MA, next time you are in the Northeast US), some of the most memorable were from Brittany, and a Sancerre Fournier, we had at a small bistro run by two brothers that sadly closed decades ago.

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I prefer Wellfleet.

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As to L’Ilot, couldn’t agree more. We love the ambiance around 9 - 10pm. No matter how crowded they always manage to squeeze us in. And even on a chilly night it’s best to be outdoors. And with the 75 bus up rue des Archives, we’re there in 10 minutes.

Having grown up in Duxbury I’m addicted to oysters. Used to love the oyster bar at Ye Old Oyster House in Boston. But no question Paris has some of the best.

Has anyone (everyone?) done the oyster feed at Le Baron Rouge on Sunday mornings? Or…is it still on? It sounded like a lark but also a bit of a mash.