[Paris/France] Bonjour Chowhounders

Steve at Hungry Onion was kind enough to start this board for people who want to discuss Paris. I hope it works, because to be honest, I would truly miss the discussions and expertise of people from Chowhound’s Paris board. Even when I didn’t post there, I was truly engaged with your wealth of knowledge and opinions.

— Trish




I’m here and in Paris and I’ll be posting to try to generate traffic. If anyone can contact Parn directly, please encourage him to migrate here.


Welcome, onzieme! It’ll be nice to have more European locals/residents, in addition to @naf in France, and @Barca in Spain, posting here.

Did Chowhounds in France ever have a pattern of meeting up for meals?

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Bienvenue ! I’m the moderator of the new France board. Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a nice stay!


Thank you Trish for thinking that I might have had anything to do with setting up this section of HO (unless you were referring to another “Steve”… then, “never mind”). I would guess that naf got the message thru and then volunteered to moderate it. For that, I’m thankful.
As for Phoenikia’s question about meal “meet-ups”, I’m aware of some of the long timers getting together regularly when they’re in Paris at the same time. I’ve had meals with JTalbott, ptipois, mangeur, onzieme and a couple of others by reaching out. I plan to continue to contact folks whenever we travel, as I’ve always gotten a great reception when I do. So… see you in Paris? :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds good. @SteveR . So far, I’ve met up with Chowhounds in Boston, and in NYC.

I haven’t organized any meetups with Canadian HOs yet, but I have dropped off vegetables from my garden for @PedroPero in Toronto during the summer.

I’d love to meet up with HOs next time I visit Paris. :fleur_de_lis: Hopefully in 2023!

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Well then, thank you naf (and Steve)!

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Hi Onze, well I will mention it again to Parn on my May Trip Planning thread. I was ready to give up on the thread, but he encouraged me to keep posting, which I appreciate.

Thanks for the hospitality HO!! I am really looking towards the Paris board here and I am sure there is lots of great info. Any idea on what happens to the old CH Paris board- I would still like to access the info there.


I just joined (moving from CH) where I was a frequent consumer of incredibly valuable info but not a contributor (though I always gave a shoutout to CH in my TripAdvisor TRs). I’m using the same user name here but don’t see any of the familiar names of the CH experts. I wonder if they haven’t joined yet or are using different names.


I assume you mean specifically here on the newly formed France/Paris board? Well, we’re all trying to get Parnassien to come here but, other than him, who are you looking for? Some of the regular Paris posters dropped out of CH well before the announcement and others are here. Let us know & maybe we can reach out to him/her. And, welcome.


Parnassien has migrated here as ParnParis because of sign-up glitches using hotmail. Not a good start at 1:30am here and all I really want is to go to bed. Is Hungry Onion tech-savvy enough to handle the influx ?


Bienvenue, @ParnParis

Great to see you Daniel! And gosh, let’s hope so.

Hope you got a good night’s sleep by the time you read this.
And, hopefully, we can keep you busy.

Welcome to Hungry Onion, Parn. I’ve been following you on Chowhound for years. We even had some mildly contentious interaction once. Looking forward to following you here.


Welcome Parn, very glad you’re on board! I lurked in CH French site, never post though. More active at eGullet pre-2010. I remember A Fresh and John Talbott.


Welcome Parn! Almost time for “Hail, hail, the gang’s all here…”


Well, seeing some welcome and familiar names here, what the heck, I’ll give it a try, too. – Jake