Panettone 2022 and onwards

Panettone is like fruitcake . . . many varieties . . . many people who never ate any of them but just hate it . . .
good stuff is good stuff.
lousy stuff is lousy no matter what the box says . . .

Aug/Sep I make a pre-WW2 recipe fruitcake(s). mega-fruits/nuts/etc. it usually last until March - but this year we had multiple cousins as house guests - who ate prodigious quantities of Granny’s Christmas Cookies and the fruit cake . . . my grandmother always sent everyone home with a 3 gal metal tin of cookies . . . she was much loved by her grandchildren - and as demonstrated this year, , , she is now gone, but they still love her cookie recipes.

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Yep, $140 Cdn which is around $105 USD today. Or 97 Euros.

This was from an independent kitchen shop in Canada that was selling them.

It doesn’t sound so expensive when I convert it to USD!

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Saw this in Brooklyn in January.

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I just saw (yes, in February) some Roy panettones at my local independent markets, both chocolate and cherry-pistachio, presumably well past their prime but stil $59.99 (I’m in the Bay Area).

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They have long freshness dates - if they were baked close to Xmas they may well have been fine!