Oyster Point: Thursdays on Half Shell

Oyster Point in Red Bank is running a Thursday special through September 29 with live music and an extra menu on the deck this summer:


You can also order from the regular menu, which gives lots of options.

Pat Guadagno was playing last night and it was the queens birthday so we stopped by for a tuna tartare, two angus blue cheese burgers, and some parmesan truffle fries.

The tuna tartare was served on an advocado cucumber salad, which provided a nice texture and complement to to tartare. I have to say that it was one of the better tuna tartares I have had in the area, although the wife would have preferred that it had a little more soy and sesame in the dressing.

The angus blue cheese burgers were awesome, I do think they have one of the better burgers in our area as well. The beef tasted like it had been aged a little, and the cheese also had that pleasantly musky blue tang and was nicely melted. Lettuce was red leaf, red onions as well, and a nice hearty tomato slice with a sort of averagish roll.

The parmesan truffle fries were a disappointment. Soggy, oily and heavy, they were also served with an aioli and a siracha ketchup that did nothing to improve things.

All in all it was a pretty pleasant experience. The food was good, the weather and view were great, the music was fun, service acceptable, and if it were not for the few hammered patrons who were trying to out-do the singer it would have been pretty much perfect.

nice…I will have to check out this BC burger soon.

Guess I’ll revive this thread:


We went on Friday night too! Had a great meal and beautiful view!


Thanks for posting this. The location is beautiful. Nice to know the food is good as well. For some reason I never even thought of here as a nice spot to eat our doors

I’ll be perfectly honest, we had a gift card so that was the initial motivation to go. Now I feel like I found a great little secret local place to enjoy. It wasn’t knock your socks off, but certainly a good/solid meal.


That close to the water that’s about the best you can expect!


I also feel like it’s a bit of chosing properly. My husband really liked his burger. I had a salad (oddly deconstructed but whatever). Never had an exceptional meal (plus or minus) but always a gorgeous view and nice service.