OT Other things to do during the quarantine

As well all know this is a food site, however during the quarantine we really can’t go out to dine and even home cooking is becoming more for self preservation vs. enjoyment. I have noticed in several threads where people would mention things they are doing to occupy their time, someone mentioned zoo’s are live streaming animals for kids to watch etc.

I figured it would be good to concentrate the “off topic” posts to one thread so it can be a resource for some of us who are looking for things to do since we can’t go out and our cooking might be limited. At times like this we are a community so let’s share some OT things to help us get by these trying times.


I suggest people google and watch the video of the penguins walking around the aquarium in Chicago. A cpl minute reprieve from what we’re all going through


Yes! And the Monterey Bay Aquarium also has live cams. TG for the internet.


Elmwood Park zoo and Cincinnati Zoo also doing live events. Kiddos are loving it and so are we. They are up on YouTube after as well…little something to lighten the mood for everyone hopefully…who doesn’t love a sloth?


thanks for the split off- hopefully this will be the 'happy" thread!!

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Here is something cool I just stumbled on earlier. Free cooking classes by Milk Street until April 30th:


And to counteract extra snacking, drinking and lack of gyms, Peloton is offering 90 days free to their app for all their classes. Normally, $13 a month and you don’t need the bike…


The digital subscrib for The Washington Post is selling for 8 cents an issue.
Prime members rec 2 free digital books and unlimited mags ea month.
Also, free video streaming.
Online concerts are planned all over YouTube channels and IG.
Planting a garden
Spring cleaning
Visiting all the takeout setups we can
Checking in with friends, family and coworkers Via FT
catching up on sleep
Using the garage as a home gym
Baking, cooking, read cookbooks
Spending a staycation with my bride


Watched an excellent documentary last night - The Inventor - Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. About Theranos and founder, Elizabeth Holmes. Absolutely unbelievable.


I LOVED that!! Amazing that a pretty face with big blue eyes fooled many of the most powerful men in the country. Her “idol” was Steve Jobs, her business model was Bernie Madoff.


This may not be sustainable. All those kids at home are streaming and not studying. Much more Internet use by people working at home. Internet and POTS are struggling. This hasn’t hit the news much yet. It will.

ICAPP and other organizations that keep the Internet running are already approaching Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu to drop all HD programming. This is just the beginning of the next phase of dealing with coronavirus. Breakage is happening from backbones to the ‘last mile.’


Time to get a pair or rabbit ears?

Cable and satellite should work fine - everyone watching the same thing. On Demand will fail if the Internet does. You’ll probably only see more pixelation on cable.

The partner and I are happy to be home together. We take a walk around different areas of the neighbourhood every day. Photo below taken on one of our walks.

At weekends we still go biking to the countryside and the woods. It’s only 15 minutes away. We have ugly woods. Nothing amazing to look at but it’s nice not seeing or being around people.


The distance we covered last Sunday

I have enough to keep myself busy but there are few things I have been doing:

  • Sorting (old) photos (though, this task never ends doesn’t matter how much time I have)
  • Culling food mags/books.
  • Reading (always) and more reading.
  • Photography that’s not of food or beer.

And last week I sent a few acquaintances around the world postcards asking if they are OK and to take care.

Did try cooking during the day on the the first 2 free days but decided not to do that too often. Suddenly there’s more cooked food in the house as a result.

My cameras:

Acquired my 7th Fujifilm 2 weeks ago and have been testing it. Used and 7 years old, has flaws, scratches and dust specks under the front element but otherwise still works fine.

In my own back garden:

Size of a penny


Even though we live a couple of blocks down from the “Crookedest Street in the World”, have not driven down that stretch in many years. 2+ hour queue during peak season. No thanks.

Yesterday. Not a peep in sight.

Returning after food shopping. Not flouting any protection protocols!


Oldie but a goodie


Now I don’t feel guilty for having 4 Olympus pens and assorted lenses.
I just picked up 2 Sony RX100s, a 1st generation, and a II, from a guy who uses them in aerial

Wonderful cameras


The NYTimes has opened their cooking section. You just register, no fee.


It’s about time. The NYT ticked me off so much by forcing that subscription that I canceled my online subscription with them and moved over to the Washington Post!


WP is selling digital issues for 8 cents a day right now

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