OT Other things to do during the quarantine

Huge blue UNBLINKING eyes at that, and she had no, absolutely zero qualifications for attempting to do what she did. Smoke and mirrors only, far worse than Enron Corp. It would be like a charismatic person, announcing they had invented a time machine or alternate reality vehicle, with no physics, or quantum physics. I’ve got my own ideas as far as head shrinking Ms Elizabeth Holmes… who by the way is now married to an “hotel heir”, last name of Evans, whose family owns hotels in San Diego. Perhaps she is now putting her expertise to work in selecting soaps and lotions that reverse the aging process by 20+ years, and shampoo that reverses balding. What an apparently sociopathic con artist… BTW, her trial starts in September, supposedly…


Always enjoy your photos @Presunto, and love the outdoor paths, and biking trails. Topographically speaking, perfect for the way I like to exercise :rofl::rofl:

Lombard St, I assume? My favorite in this country. 2.5 hours usually? No thanks, and poor people who live there!

Rooster, please say more about the free digital books and mags. Do we need to do this on a kindle or phone app? Or can they be downloaded to a laptop? I have prime, but not a kindle. And I can’t even imagine reading on a tiny screen like my phone.

Sure. I read using an iPad. Open your Prime acct thru Amazon. Then in their search bar type either Prime Benefits, Prime Video or Prime First Reads or Prime Reading to land on each benefit page. Prime Video has its own app. The rest are links I bookmark.

The Issuu app is another resource for free publications.


Thxs I just watched it. :exploding_head::exploding_head:
I recommend McMillion$ if you haven’t already.

Haven’t, but I will!

It appears that the kindle app is necessary. So a tablet for those that have it, or a phone otherwise. No access via laptop or computer. Bummer.

There is a Kindle app for Windows. See https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Digital-Services-LLC-Download/dp/B00UB76290 . It works fine.

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Sweet - thank you. I always thought “apps” were only for phones and tablets. I’ll check it out soonish.

“App” is short for application which is a synonym for a program. Conventionally “app” does refer to a program on a phone or tablet but Amazon decided to use the same vocabulary on all platforms.

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Yes. You don’t need a Kindle device; any mobile device will work on either platform; pc or mac. Once you have the kindle reader app On your laptop, you can make use of all the Prime reading and watching benefits offered each month. A list of those benefits are outlined on one page in your Prime account.

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I will be cleaning and redesigning my work room. I’m working my 9-5 from home now. But weekends will be cleaning. Sorting. And organizing the workroom to support my new crafting business. Next show is in November, so time for the world to recuperate.


Headspace offering all US healthcare professionals who work in public health settings free access to Headspace Plus through 2020.


I have been doing… nothing. All this information has been overwhelming to absorb. I arrived home 7 days ago from Australia, and am generally home-isolating for another 7 days. We go out only for basic necessities such as food, coffee and wine :wink:
Meanwhile, there are a lot of orchestras, opera companies and galleries sharing content online.
Public libraries have been e-accessible for a long time. So if your local library is still open, get a library card, and then sign in for e-resources.
@quokkaeveryhour on Twitter is full of cuteness!


Loosely quoted from the movie Airplane

“Looks like I picked the right week to start drinking.”


The Nintendo Wii is back on. Haven’t used it in years.
The lounge has been completely rearranged. Even the man drawer in the kitchen has been tidied and organized.
Lots of podcasts and also programmes on BBCi player to catch up on, particularly This Country and Inside No 9.


House painting.


Must not suck to be holed up in Bobby’s house.