Empty restaurants New Jersey

Just curious what did you find ominous about it? A bit self centered for my palate but not ominous in my opinion.

I don’t know. I guess the laying off part, the fact that their to go menu does not seem to be working. The sign of things to come for more and more places.

My main job separate from lecturing is in the medical industry and we had a very rough day today mentally.


It’s a very tough time all around, but especially for hospitality. My niece works for Marriott and was told today that she’ll be furloughed, and the rumor is they’ll receive 20% of their usual pay. I told her that’s better than nothing…


The restaurants in New Orleans, at least the ones I follow, initially were doing the curbside pick up but are now announcing the are closing

I’m sorry for your day Greg.


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It is very sad what is happening. While there is indication that the Feds will pick up some extra unemployment insurance and some sick leave, it is going to be woefully short for many of the hospitality workers. I have seen a lot of places making it easier to do take-out, but the ones that seem to be successful are the ones that have always managed takeout. The more traditional places like McLoones’ and Christines in Atlantic Highlands and Nicholas just aren’t ‘designed’ for it and i am afraid won’t be cost effective for very long. We can help by doing takeout when we can (with big tips for the staff) and by buying gift cards, but that is just not going to be enough I am afraid. And the view from the street on the ambulances is even more unsettling to me.

Thank you. We are mentally preparing for many similar days to come.

This is affecting everyone in different ways. I could not imagine being in the restaurant industry right now. But I must say, as a food blogger, scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feeds the last couple of days has been heartbreaking. We are all foodies here. We come to this forum as a hobby to share our love of food and restaurants and to support the businesses we love. My blog is the same. Do I give a negative review every now and then? Certainly, but the overwhelming majority of my posts are positive, highlighting small businesses and mom-and-pop’s, saying “eat this”, “go here”, “support them”. While on the onset, the resiliency of most restaurants switching to takeout/delivery and offering tantalizing and fun specials has been uplifting, the reality is that most of them will not be able to sustain that in the long run. The longer this goes and the worse this gets, as more people end up out of work, the simple consideration of dropping $40-50 on a single takeout order versus spending that amount of money on groceries is only going to end one way. We are all supporting these businesses and want to get them through this, but to what end? Eventually, most will close. Some temporarily, some for good.

My blog is a hobby, so if I have no restaurants to review, that’s more of a disappointment than a tragedy. But for me, and many of you here, it is deeper than that. We get to meet industry people and get close to them. We chat with owners and managers, we become friends with servers and bartenders. Eating out and the whole experience that comes with that itself is a hobby, and now that is over for a long while. I can review a restaurant for takeout sure, but I’ve never seen that as an adequate judgment (save for a pizzeria or Chinese spot). I am going to do as much as I can to promote such special menus and bringing attention to businesses going out of their way to help the community, but I fear that will not last long. Everyone is still in shock, and if the science is correct that this still will not even peak for another month, then we are simply going through something that is akin to the stages of grief. I fear that by the time we reach acceptance, many of these restaurants will be closed. Again, how many will reopen? I saw a figure in [IIRC] the NY Times that said 25% of restaurants will never reopen. That is probably a low estimate.

I will not name any names, but in a matter of two days I have seen posts from the same restaurants excitedly announcing an overhaul of the menu and introduction to to-go options and then the very next day announce that they are forgoing that and just closing. This is going to keep happening. Once restaurants see their figures and sell out their inventory, they will ultimately decide that it might not be worth it. No one ever wants to acknowledge the “it has to get worse before it gets better” phrase, but it is true. Will the industry recover? Eventually, of course. But “eventually” is a timeless word. This forum and its restaurant reviews and posts are quickly going to become an archive.

I guess that’s the end of my rant. I don’t even know where I’m going with it. I saw a post by @paryzer the other day saying something along the lines of “I wish we got to say goodbye one last time”. Ain’t that the truth. Today was a rough day at work. Maybe I’ll be more hopeful after a day off tomorrow.

Eat well and stay safe.


My exact same sentiments Greg. Very well said. This is a very sad time for all of the service people that we have made friends with over the years (Chefs, owners, hosts, managers, servers) . I wish them the very best of luck, and hope that the government can take care of them to at least keep their heads above water in these desperate times.

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I have a buddy with 2 restaurants in FL, they were going to close one and do takeout from the other. Their accountant told them to shut them both. They will be back but many won’t.

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Preaching to the choir my friend. I am personal friends and have been partners with some of the very people and restaurants named elsewhere in this thread. I spoke on Monday with one of my tenants who is doing take out, just him and his chef doing take out daily. I know my check(s) are not coming this month or (hopefully not) for a few more months into the future. Thankfully I still have my “day-job” which has always funded my “pleasure” ventures, but that’s going to come to a halt sooner or later as well. I’m doing daily mental budget projections to keep my employees employed, while trying to figure out what or where exactly my line in the sand will be where I have to make some difficult decisions. There but for the Grace of God go I.

Regardless of the above I am an eternal optimist and believe one way or another I will see my way through this. I’ve been beaten down before and as the saying goes; It doesn’t matter how many times you are knocked down, it’s how many times you keep getting up that matters. While my knees certainly aren’t what they used to be, I’m pretty sure I’ll pick myself up if knocked down.

In the meantime let’s keep doing what we can - let’s keep spreading the word for those we care about - let’s keep some optimism and thankfulness for all we do have. In some sort of way that includes all of you whom in some strange way are all friends.

In the meantime enjoy my new ringtone:


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The Clinton Station Diner (a statewide diner favorite) has been open 24 hours a day for 15 years. They just announced their closure.

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No sh*t. I’ve always wanted to do that 20lbs burger thing of theirs. lol That would be a fun Ho’down. (you of course would have to show to have fun Greg)


I am down for the next HOdown which will probably be in 2021 at this rate!

There is also a 100 pound challenge I believe. That’s just the burger patty itself and does not include the bun, cheese, toppings. They have multiple levels and I believe the prize for the highest one is over $1,000.


Wawa is my usual morning stop for coffee, but I stopped going two weeks ago because I thought it was crazy to be in there with the morning rush and everybody handling the self-serve coffee dispenser. Not until yesterday did Camden County come around and ban self-serve coffee. And starting tomorrow morning, Wawa will have employees pouring the coffee at all its locations.


I stopped Wawa too which is hard, because I work about 2 minutes from one. We ALL go there before or on our break. Now that they stopped self-serve, I will resume.

Fyi, I hear livottis in Middletown is the place. Good stock and not chaotic.

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Nicholas’s to-go menu was sold out yesterday and today…

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