NYCT tracking opening/ closing/ news

I disagree with this idea of confining openings and closings to one board. First of all, you left out some of the others that have been mentioned lately. Also, your idea should have been put out as a ‘proposed idea’ for conversation by the HO community. And once a restaurant is visited by the original poster as a dining experience, what happens then? Would it stand as an independent post? Restaurant news is just as important as restaurant reviews, your favorite pie recipe, or shopping experience. It is about informing users and keeping them up to date.
As we have often seen, posts like this tend to meander and individual posts get lost in the process. And, I do not appreciate you moving my original posts without being informed or asked…

“First of all, you left out some of the others that have been mentioned lately.”
hence the suggestion … these threads clog up the board

“I do not appreciate you moving my original posts without being informed or asked…”
WCG is a moderator she can do what ever she likes, this doesn’t require permission

You are in the minority … WCG did not make this decision alone!
So how about naming it the " Restaurant news" thread.
Perhaps you could manage this thread … you are the HO expert regarding openings and closings, it makes sense!

Please be more clear, chowdom. I would like to better understand what you are saying so I can respond. I believe what has been done here is arbitrary…
If you have culinary news to report, report it. Some may have more to contribute than others, but it keeps us ahead of the pack. I enjoy ‘trumping’ the competition.

Not arbitrary

Bay Area restaurant openings/ closing- Dec 2015

I am talking about why my threads were singled out while others, including yours about the deli closing in Croton, was left on its own, and there are others, too…and this clumping together of pertinent culinary news works for you?
How come I, for one, was not brought into the conversation?

GR, it was a group decision, based on feedback, to create this thread in line with many other boards. Those two threads were selected as great exemplars to show people what types of reports are helpful in this thread. It will not be retroactive beyond that, and we hope you’ll continue contributing to it. If there is extensive discussion (and let’s work together to establish what that looks like-- three posts? Five? Thoughts?) then the thread can easily be split to a new topic on the locale at anyone’s request. You definitely should have been notified about it and going forward there will be an open dialogue about it! I hope that explanation helps. Thanks for your contributions!


GR I just reread what you wrote are you sure WCG moved the post?
She has been nothing but respectful and patient with you,
and doesn’t deserve to be singled out and attacked, just MHO!
No need to respond to me, I’m done with this!

I will throw in my 2 cents. There are a lot of misconceptions/ misinterpretation and unnecessary friction as a result. The public back and forths seem to be counterproductive. Best to hash it out with a private chat. @gutreactions, we’ll be reaching out to you.