Montreal Openings and Closings - Fall 2015

Hello everyone,

Please use this thread to post all openings and closings in the Montreal area.

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Chilangos Montreal, a new taqueria at 1259 BĂ©langer in Petite-Patrie, announced on Facebook they are opening soon.

ETA: This seems to be a new location of the Chilango’s that was at 4565 Bélanger in Rosemont.

Yes, and this place used to locate Tortillas Montréal and one of the incarnations of Maya. Oh, how I pray for a good tortilla place in the neighbourhood!

Something called Burrito Revolucion will be opening on Ontario across from Le Blind Pig and La Mâle Bouffe. They only have a banner up with their name and their Facebook page doesn’t have any more info, right now.

what happened to Maya?

Maya is still located on Casgrain right by JTM.

PS - Hello to old familiar names from the other site. :smile:

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There was a Maya tortilla production centre, also known as Tortilleria Montréal, at that location on Bélanger. I cycled past there yesterday and saw the painted sign for the new place, as well as the word “épicerie” - imagine that, as before, they’ll also be selling some Mexican and Central American grocery items.

Yes, it is good that Mtl hounds are finding the Onion.

A Hungry Onionist sent me a private message at my e-mail, and I wrote back, but it bounced. This has happened to every private message I’ve responded to.

Since there is nothing remotely “private” or personal in my response, I’m posting it here, about Maya Tortelleria on Bélanger:

The Maya on BĂ©langer closed some time ago. I went by one time
as they were closing down everything. I suspect that their tortillas are
made in an industrial park farther east now, in St-Michel, St-LĂ©onard
or Anjou.

The best fresh tortillas by far around here were
made at Popocatapetl, but that Mexican restaurant became something
else. It might have been in a building that was torn down recently,
where there was an old-fashioned social dance club. I think it will
become condos, as everything does nowadays.

Brrr, was it ever chilly at the Market today!

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Yes, you can change it. Click your avatar at the top right and then click the preferences (gear looking icon). On that page you will find options to shut off those emails.

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