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I thought I planted rocotillo peppers from Bogman. Well, the poor sad things have fruited some, though they wilt at the sight of sunshine still. The problem is, they’re not rocotillos, and I don’t remember which ones I planted instead, although they were bogman’s seed. Are these aji amarillo? About 2" long, but may be dwarfed from the miserable weather we had this summer

They don’t look like Aji Amarillo to me. Maybe Lemon Drop? Lets try Google lens!

ETA I bet they are slightly under-wripe Sugar Rush Peach.

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Thanks- I don’t think he sent me sugar rush seeds, I’ll have to look.

Oh well. I got some Sugar Rush seeds from him last year, and got excited when I realized that’s sort of what mine looked like.

On the top


Boy, they sure look like that, don’t they? I’ll have to tell mr mr to stop picking them and keep watering. It was 90 today. I need to check the envelope bogman sent, I didnt throw anything away, so I’ll go spelunking into the fridge tomorrow after my metalsmithing class and see what flight of fancy made me not plant the rocotillos.

I also grew some small peppers sold to me as aji amarillo from a company called Artisan several years ago. I didn’t like them, but I will look for a picture.

ETA I think these are pictures of the smaller Aji Amarillo, and a larger one.

Here’s a link to a post about them.

Oooooo! Tell us more!

OT- well, I was a really, really good medical photographer for 35+ years, but other artistic endeavors elude me. I took a bunch of clay classes and maybe made two things that I’m proud of (Nigel is one, I’ll post a photo later). Started silversmithing 33 years ago when silver was cheap, quit until 2 years ago and started again. To make a short story long, I suck at it but I have a lot of silver and copper to work with, so I soldier on.



Looking forward to seeing Nigel!

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Also, I’m wondering if I didn’t get a last minute wild hair and plant the package of questionable “aji amarillo” seeds I got at Ace Hardware last spring. I guess unless I get a brain flash I may never know. sigh

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: I hope you get a to try them!

I just moved mine in to shelter for what might be it’s fifth winter!


I knew in my mind that it would go from too hot to pretty cold here- it did, but not to an extreme, my chiles are all outside. where they shall remain. Temps going up and down, but at least the mystery chiles aren’t wilting like mad the second the sun shines on them.

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I re-potted my Fresno chile into a smaller pot and put it in the hot tub room with south facing windows. I want red chiles but I don’t think it is going to happen.


And I read that as I solder on. :smiley:


What are your lows supposed to be like this week? If I’m keeping it, I usually put it in the garage or similar right after Thanksgiving. I only keep the Chinese and Baccatum

LOL- that too!

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Highs in the 70s, lows in the 50s, so the morning temp will be higher going forward. it’s been low 40s-high 30s for a couple of days.
Do you overwinter your chiles in the garage? I haven’t heard of that being possible

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I have a grow light stand in my garage that I have used for many years, but now for big plants I use a greenhouse. I got it spring of 2020, and so far I haven’t heated it.

Like this

It doesn’t freeze much here, and not in my garage, but sometimes I have wrapped in frost cloth.

One year I left a manzano outside all winter and it survived. I may have left the Aji Amarillo out one year too.


I guess I wasn’t thinking about grow lights like I should have. :roll_eyes:

Or maybe you are a more reasonable person than I. :blush:

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Chinense and Baccatum. I might keep the Espelette too, which is an Annum, which I have read don’t overwinter well.