Nordic seed bread

Does anyone here make “seed bread”, eg. grain-free nuts and seeds bound with mucilaginous chia and flax and sometimes egg or oats? See examples below. I’m looking for tips before trying; right now I’m leaning toward using egg and no sweetener. (Looks like no one’s created a topic about this but I’m new here so might have missed one. )

baking soda:

Is your goal to make something low carb? If so, skip the top recipe or any other recipe with oats. The other two look interesting, particularly the one where you grind the seeds and nuts. I have made similar low carb breads before but never with such a variety of seeds and nuts - usually just with flaxseeds, which are pretty one-note in flavor.

Thanks for replying. Goal is eating more healthy nuts and fiber and less grain. I had this style “bread” at Esalen recently and it was great; sadly they wouldn’t disclose the recipe. Maybe I’ll drive up to SF and try the Josey Baker type with oats.

I found a failure report on the Fresh Loaf forum; both times it didn’t dry out but they modified the recipe to their preference, removing psyllium flakes. I’m nervous about wasting the expensive nuts.

To your comment: I’ve tried the flax “crackers”–“one note” is an apt description :wink:

This one is pretty good to buy, maybe some tips there from the recipe

Also there’s a mix you can get from Ikea which my father-in-law loves.

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Are you looking for something like this? I’ve had it bookmarked forever, but never made it. A local coffee shop used to have a version of it and I quite enjoyed it there.

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This looks like something I’ll try!

Yes, that’s similar to the David Lebovitz recipe–oats for binder. Thanks for linking because there’s a nice list of tips in the blog post.

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I really like Lebovitz’s adventure bread and it turns out great every time I make it. I sometimes use honey instead of maple syrup and only use 1 Tablespoon. As Leibovitz cautions, be sure not to over-toast the nuts. There is a whole grain bakery in DC (Seylou) that makes a delicious seed/nut bread that inspired me to try making my own.

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Thanks Tamara! I finally made adventure bread and reduced the maple as you suggest. The exterior is great however I find the interior a bit slimy (I took one loaf out when the interior was 160F, the other at 185F). I guess that’s why they say to toast it.