Nonstick Pan Recommendations

Recommendations on nonstick pans, please. Don’t even waste your letters suggesting cast iron. My husband is the primary user and this is the road of least resistance. :rofl: He makes a lot of eggs. We have this set that I bought years ago. They have held up well but wanted to see if there are other pans people really like. Thanks!

We have 2 fissler non stick pans that I found on sale. Have been using them for over a year and the eggs still slide around. Also have some 10 yr old scan pans that are not as non stick as they were originally but still good pans with no peeling of a finish.


Whenever I sold high end non-stick pans to customers I always thought, but never said, just buy the cheapest ones you can find. It never seemed like the expensive ones lasted, or worked, appreciably better. Then I didn’t feel as bad when I tossed the cheap ones (except for the environmental impact which is the same for both).


Non-stick cookware is where I save money. My “stick” cookware is mostly Demeyere so… lol I buy the cheapest set I can find. Use it till they stop being non-stick and then throw them away. It has made me much happier than when I used to spend a lot of money on non-stick and then got mad when they didn’t last as long as I thought they should.


From my understanding, a non-stick pan after a few years’ usage, the chemical layer erodes much faster than a new one and enters into food. So buy something good enough and change often.

When I go visit people’s home and see their non-stick pans in bad shape, and they are still clinging to them. I told them they are toxic and should toss them out, they think I’m maniac.


For inexpensive nonstick pans I’ve always had good luck with T-Fal. I recently received a Misen 10" nonstick pan for backing them on Kickstarter, much thicker metal so it heats up more evenly. Whatever you do go with just make usre it’s always hand washed, dishwasher detergent will destroy the coating faster than anything else. And don’t let it get too hot, most coatings start to degrade it you go over 450°f.


This is important. I’ve put one in the trash after cooking fried rice too hot (was away and on the phone), impossible to clean.

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Right now, I have a Mauviel Mstone nonstick (Eclipse coating), I don’t find any difference from an ex-Ikea (Teflon) one, as each of the non stick surface last about 3 years. I’ve also an anodized aluminum coating paella pan, the non stick surface lasts the longest. Of course, I’ve cast iron ones.

Why not, it’s just a habit, and it lasts the longest and probably healthiest.

Both my stainless and non-stick are by Tramontina, and I really like all of it. Well made, excellent customer service, and good value.


This has been my mode but thought to poll the smart HO’s out there :wink:

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Oh yes, we never put it in the dishwasher, use silicone or wood spatulas etc etc.

I use Demeyere Alu Pro non stick pans.

Only use them for a select few things.

Eggs, fish, starchy fried potatoes and reheating leftover using tiny bit of oil/fat.

To me the Demeyere Alu Pro definitely is worth it over the cheaper non stick pans I’ve owned in the past.

I own 5 Demeyere Alu Pro non stick pans.

I also own 5 carbon steel pans, but only use these for high heat searing, as I find they excel at that.


I won’t claim to be smart but I have sold the PSTO non-stick pans.


Hi gracieggg,

I have two “high end” nonstick that are still perfect after 6 years–and have given an inexpensive T fal to a friend–who’s still happy.

The main secret is temperature control.

It’s mostly not the pan–it’s the user.

I do have one alternative pan–Hesten nanobond–that is functional nonstick at higher temperatures.



I agree, Ray.

I have mentioned this 10+ times on Chowhound.
Here we go again on Hungry onion.

In 2003 I bought a Scanpan Classic non stick 26 cm sauter pan.
I used it weekly until 2018.

It had received a 6 mm/½ inch deep scratch in the bottom of the pan and therefore I gave it away to a friend.

It’s still in use there in 2022 - 19 years after I bought it.
It’s not super non stick anymore, but still does the job.

It looks fine with no deep scratches other than the one mentioned.

That’s my story with a non stick pan.
I know most people throw their non stick pans out after 1-3 years.

My 5 Demeyere Alu Pro are now soon 4-5 years old.
I use them once weekly. They look great. Mint condition.
I’m not lying. I can take a photo of them.


Please do share a photo because I am so hesitant to buy non stick…even with the specific benefits.

In general I agree with both @drrayeye and @Claus. My problem is that I’m not the only one using the pan and the rest of the household is not as careful as I am.


BINGO. Essentially why I said at the top, I’m not even dealing with cast iron for this. I know my audience!


Bbb has the all clad two pack, 10.5 and 12" essential line without helper handles for $50 + tax shipped.
Bought them for my moma, brother and myself. I only use for eggs, they use for everything. Everyone is happy so far.
Shaped as a french skillet ( no flared rim).


I love my Berndes pans and give them to family whenever I find them cheap (marshalls etc).

But laat year I bought OXO for my SIL (who is not a gentle user) and they are pretty great.

So those would be my 2 recommendations, and in that order.