Non-Italian pizza

Oh my. Sometimes I just don’t get things. I had to look this up. My first reaction to “toe shoes” was “toe cleavage.”

Pizza is one of those things that demonstrates the silliness of “authentic” applied to things culinary, along with chow mein, and–in the US–tacos.

Toe shoes and toe socks as I understand them from a Google search (individual covers for each toe) strike this curmudgeon as simply silly. Now four inch heels and low vamps we can talk about, but much as I find them attractive they’re silly too.

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Nope- very good with jalapenos.
And pepperoni. I can’t stand the thought of ham on pizza, but I loves me some pepperoni or sausage. With pineapple. :yum:

Pistols at dawn.

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You got it.

Posted on the wrong page.

Definitely not pizza but definitely Italian 100% …

We were there in2004. It was still pretty unspoiled. We rode some horses the size of large goats up the side of an old volcano. The whole trip was a bunch of adventures. Glad we went back then, I could not face that plane trip again!


It was a long one! I think 14 hrs for us if I recall. From LAX.

We came from ct. ugh.

Also, starts with P and ends with A, so maybe close enough.

I used a pretty good commercial red pizza sauce from a jar, cilantro, onion. I’ve been using a slow rise no -knead dough, and either plain mozzarella or a 4 cheese blend from a package (mozzarella, parm, provolone and gouda)

I might try it with more of a Mexican sauce next time.

I thought I came up with something new, but pizza al pastor is a thing already. Some restaurants sell pizza al pastor, and there are over a dozen online recipes for it- which vary a lot!

I also might make a chile verde pizza because it looks like I will have a lot of tomatillos this summer!


Then I remembered ttlayudas, pizza’s Mexican cousin! I tried my first Oaxacan ttlayuda in DC in Nov 2019, when I met an online foodie friend in person for the first time!


Just read about this, which was new to me. Anyone else heard of Langos?


Me! I grew up with a version stuffed with sauerkraut and rubbed with a cut clove of garlic. We ate our version at Christmastime. Until a few years ago, I did not know that a fried flatbread version existed and appears to be much more common.

Funny thing is that I describe “our” langos as sauerkraut calzone or sauerkraut pizza to those who are unfamiliar. Which is virtually everybody. :laughing:


I would be all over a sauerkraut calzone. Which I would probably call a giant baked pierogi.

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If I can ever get the recipe for “our” langos reliably right, I will share here on HO. I have never seen that version documented. Of course neither my grandmother or my mom wrote it down.

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Have you tried pirozhki? Pierogi’s larger baked or fried cousin. Yummy. Haven’t made them myself yet.

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These(at least the yeast version) would be called bierocks in the plains states, or Runzas in their fast food version.

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I’ve had empanadas, so sort of. There are a couple of Eastern tEuropean places In my ‘hood that I need to check out, so I’ll see if piroshki are on the menu.

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The dough on the ones I’ve eaten has been more bread or donut- like than empanada dough.

Hope you enjoy them if you try them! By the way, on the topic of savoury hand pies, the Bolivian Salteñas at Bolivian Llama Party near Columbus Circle are really delicious.

In the subway station? I think I’ve had them!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold