NJ pierogies

So what are your favorite brands (and where do you buy them?) Favorite restaurants? Favorite recipes/preparations?

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Funny, I just talked to a friend who is excited to try a new pierogie spot in Morristown… will let you know what I hear back once they go.

Locally, the ones at Comfi in Belmar were tasty and GINORMOUS (like everything there). I’ve also heard about a traditional market in/near Lakewood–let me see if I can find the name (or someone who knows can feel free to chime in).

Go here now.


17 different kinds of pierogies and much more.

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I am frequently in Clifton and have started visiting some Polish markets. I did get the Pierogies here but didn’t think they were that great. I did like the Kielbasa and delicious pork, though.
Next will be some Pierogi shops and will let you know.


European Homemade Provisions in East Brunswick on border of South River/Sayerville is a place that gets spoken highly of. I passed by prob a dozen times when I had a brief reason to be in the area never to stop in. After I no longer would be around I finally remembered to look it up and wanted to kick myself…


Oops. Of course someone brought them up already.

Try “Homemade Pirogi” 1295 main ave Clifton. Buying them there for years 12 different types. Little shop that just makes pirogi . Sells commercial also. 973-340-0340 web homemade pirogi . Com

Agreed. European Provisions is a great establishment. Really love their house smoked hams for Easter and Christmas.

When I was a child in the mid/late 70’s my parents use to take me to a “Polish Home”, which was a social club and bar. They had a “dining/banquet” room in the basement where they served homemade perogies, dear God were they delicious!

Anyone remember the place I’m talking about, pretty sure it was in Union.


My mom just picked me up some neat stuff in Syracuse including some potato, bacon and cheddar. http://www.thepierogieguy.com

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The best are from my church St Vladimir’s in Elizabeth (Ukrainian) but unlike my childhood when they were sold every week, availability is intermittent now. I usually stock up from Veselka when I get downtown but my sister who lives in Jackson often gets takeout from Krakowiaks in South River. Add some onions in butter and they will work in a pinch. My grandmother made the most awesome dough, so thin and tender. I have never been able to replicate it unfortunately.


There was a polish home in Irvington off of grove st & 16 ave close to gspwy. dont know if it still exits had a bar& dance hall cant remenber kitchen

YES!!! That was it, Irvington not Union my bad!! God I remember going there and just gorging myself on pierogies!! Thank you for the clarification.

Oh and also these days I have a nephew-in-law who is first generation Polish American, he parents barely speak English. His mother makes home-made pierogies which pretty much guarantees his parents an invite to any family gathering. lol The only thing is mushroom is apparently a popular stuffing, so she brings over a couple dozen pierogies but from the outside you can’t tell what the stuffing is. Watching the look of disappointment when someone get’s a mushroom instead of potato is pretty funny, I think most American’s just relate to potato (and or with cheese) vs. mushroom.


I used to hang out in that area in the 60s& 70s had cousins who lived in the area. Rent the hall & promoted a concert there 1968. The bar poured big drinks @ cheap pxs then. It helped my polka dancing! Back to perogi St. John’s on Sanford ave ivy hill section of Newark had the best ones made weekly by the parishioner ladies. Always in search for same but don’t know if they exist anymore!:joy:

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My Polish friend swears by these: St. Stephen Ukrainian Catholic Church


Continental Provisions in Spotswood is excellent for pierogies & kielbasa. There is a peirogi place in the Trenton Farmers Market which is excellent also. Hard to beat church lady pierogies though…

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Thanks I’ll try st Stephens also for Kielbasy try Adams mkt 168 maple avenue Wallington been there for 50 yrs all polish great butcher smoke their own & also make their own stuff cabbage beet horse radish same family owned speak English but most of their customers don’t my favorite in nj

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Oh, yes–Wallington is a GREAT place to find all kinds of Polish food! Used to live up that way…

Olympic (Lazirko’s) Market in Irvington for kielbasy. Been going there since I was a kid

When I get up to Wallington I go to Chefski’s & get one of everthing.

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