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You know you play the “big shot” when we get together, then when asked to deliver on some of the names you love to drop in person you come up empty on here. I see now Seal…all talk. (joking)

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I’ve reached out to Pete via Twitter…

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E.g. Cookware we can invite someone to talk about cookware theories, manufacturing, etc…[/quote]

Well I think cookware manufacturers are pretty much going to want to plug their stuff vs. the next guys. You would probably have to look to a chef or a cooking school instructor if you wanted to compare and contrast products. But that’s also a little boring, the kind of thing America’s test kitchen does all the time. Maybe somebody at the CIA in Hyde Park could do this.

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Suppliers- Do we think people will have many questions for D’artagnan? I can’t figure out how this one will work yet since they buy stuff to sell so they don’t have anything they own per se other than the buying process. [/quote]

The founder of D’Artagnan, Ariane Daguin, is a genuine New Jersey success story on a national scale. Almost every famous restaurant in the US gets their Foie Gras , as well as many other specialty meats such as wild game, and charcuterie, from D’artagnan. Ariane is passionate about quality ingredients, and will regularly grant interviews to discuss this passion. And ask any chef, great food begins with the ingredients. She has just published a memoir in France and would be a person of not just NJ, but perhaps national and international, interest for a Q & A. Her biography is here:


I think if you are passionate about food that she would be one of the most interesting people to talk to in the State.

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If you’re looking for an eating professional…


I don’t know why we have to get the Fed’s involved in this.
(as much as it pains me to admit it I do generally agree with Vikings assumption that most manufacturers would just turn it into a product pitch)

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Thanks for the background. I knew they do foie and meat, but I wasn’t familiar with the backstory of the founder. I certainly have questions myself now that you provided the background. Do you or others here know her?

I agree we should find people who can talk about a wide variety of topics about cooking and eating, and avoid cases where it’ll become unintended ‘officially-approved’ product pitches.

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Man…I just don’t know what you would do without me around here…:grin:

@joonjoon Did you hear me laughing VERY LOUDLY up the street?!?:joy:

In the early 2000s the company operated a wonderful Gascony restaurant in New York. The cooking was everything you wanted to eat more than once.

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I was wondering where that loud cackling was coming from!! :wink: Glad to entertain. :smiley:

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Goose and duck fat rule !

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We (none named Aramis, Athos or Porthos) ordered every dish made with lamb or duck. Classic technique produced classic flavors from their own ducks. The memorable innovation was a foie mousse-stuffed Armagnac-soaked prune (no one missed Sauternes jelly). The partners suffered the misfortune of opening not that long after 9/11; our waiter came to this job after being laid off at Le Bernardin (hard to imagine trade there being slow).

Cassoulet & Confit !

I followed the link but I’m not a member of yelp, is anyone else? If need be I’ll sign up but if someone else can reach out to him please do. He was a good guy, contributor would be nice to have him over here as well.

Pete is going to do it! Thanks @CurlzNJ !

Now since NJ is the first Q&A, we should figure out a good format. Has anyone done a Reddit AMA type of Q&A? Pros? Cons? Stuff to borrow?

I have but the hookers never show up as pre-arranged.

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I put together some thoughts on the Q&A format. Any thoughts and feedback?

I think we’re more likely to get people to agree to a date range for questions to be asked/answered, but I also think we need to be sure we have some questions ready ahead of time (and/or a standard set of questions for all interviewees just to kick things off…?). I want to give this some more thought, but will certainly chime in with additional ideas.

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