About the Hungry Onion Drooling Q&A category

Hungry Onion Drooling Q&A is a place to interview anyone on food-related topics.

Who are they?

They can be

  1. industry folks like critics, chefs, cookbook authors, etc. Nominations go here.
  2. any forum members with specific food knowledge, e.g. cuisines, cookware, etc. Members can offer to answer questions. Just start a new Q&A thread.

(Most of the guidelines below are borrowed from Reddit AMA)

For the audience:

  1. Everyone can be an interviewer and submit questions for the interviewee.
  2. Submit the questions ahead of time or during the Q&A.
  3. Questions should be original and on topic. They aren’t required to be, but Q&A is a unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue with an interesting person. Please try to encourage thought-provoking, discussion-inspiring questions that OP would not likely be asked anywhere else.
  4. Audience can ‘knife and fork (like)’ specific submitted questions as a display of level of interest on the questions to the interviewee.

For the audience- Question and response guidelines:

  1. Questions must be directed towards the interviewee.
  2. Please ask questions in a respectful and polite way. No need to use harsh language.
  3. If you disagree with the interviewee’s opinion, offer a reply with your reasoned thoughts. This way, you can open a dialogue with the interviewee and potentially debate the differing points of view.
  4. No Abusive or harassing comments. You are welcomed to ask tough questions, but please keep it polite and civil. The usual forum rules apply.
  5. No requests for personal favors from the interviewee, e.g. autographs.

For the audience- ‘Knife and fork (like)’ guideline for questions:

  1. Original, thought-provoking and discussion-inspiring questions.
  2. Civility and Politeness.

For the audience- ‘Knife and fork (like)’ guideline on interviewee comments:

  1. A thorough, knowledgeable and detailed answer.
  2. Good humor and playing along with friendly banter.

For the interviewee:

The interviewee either

  1. designates a time for the Q&A or
  2. designate the Q&A to be open-ended when it comes to time-limit.

Public figures must prove that their identity via public proof to connect who you are with the user name you are using to answer questions:

  1. Create an account on Hungry Onion
  2. Provide a link on their own website, Facebook page or Twitter feed to their Hungry Onion Q&A page ahead of time.

At the designated time, the interviewee begins the process by describing who they are and what they do, and goes through the questions from the audience ahead of time or questions submitted during the Q&A, in any way that he/she prefers.

For the interviewee- Guideline for answering questions:

  1. Questions with more ‘knives and forks (likes)’ indicate higher interest from the audience.
  2. Only answering questions you want to answer may come across as promotional and may not be as well received.
  3. Offer answers with details that can generate additional discussions. One-word and stock answers may not be as well received.
  4. Prepare for unexpected questions. They may be tough and thought-provoking.
  5. No crowdfunding request and advertising please. Audience responds to genuine attempts to interact with the community, versus attempts to plug products/ services.
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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr